2009 Spartan Nation Football Profile: TE Charlie Gantt #83

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2009 Spartan Nation Football Profile:Â TE Charlie Gantt #83

 Height: 6’4”

Weight:Â 233

2009 Eligibility:Â Junior

EXP:Â 2 Letters

Status:Â Starting TE

Strengths: Gantt has very soft hands and has the great and rare ability for most TEs to adjust his body when he and the ball are in the air. Charlie can be a devastating weapon with his pass catching abilities. On top of it, most of you won’t have to deal with him on a personal basis, but he is super kid. 

He is a hard worker and he prides himself on that work ethic. It is hard to believe, but many TEs can hear the footsteps when they go across the middle and are asked to catch the ball. Not Gantt. He not only likes to do it, but he doesn’t shy away from guys. He loves to turn up field and look for someone to run over. In most systems around the country, TEs are expected to catch or block, not in the Dantonio system. The TEs here have to block, but they are also critical pass catchers. With a new QB, Don Treadwell is going to rely on the MSU TEs for a lot of short passes to get their QBs some confidence early and Gantt fills the bill.

 Weakness: Occasionally Gantt will miss a blocking assignment. For example, in the Capital One Bowl in the first quarter the Bulldogs blitzed and Charlie just missed it and gave up a sack. He was so focused on where his guy was supposed to be and when he moved over to the outside a slight few inches he bypassed Gantt.

Now let’s be fair and admit that it could happen to anyone, but this section is about weakness and even though it isn’t glaring with Gantt it is occasionally where he misses a play.

Final Analysis: Gantt is a football player. He could play on any team in the Big Ten and is a great talent. The TE spot is the deepest position in talent at MSU and he is the leader. He is yet another player that I expect to have a big season. With a WR group that dropped way too many passes in 2008, he was a sure-handed safety blanket. Although I fully expect the WR group to actually catch passes and to lose their snake-bitten ball dropping plague of last season, Gantt will continue to be a go to guy. Even with an emergence of a third TE, that only helps Gantt. With three solid options at TE you should see even more two TE sets and with the addition of some option and even a little wildcat, he will get more chances to show off his blocking.