2014 LB Byron Bullough Shows Poise, Character and Talent and is Only a High School Junior!

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Spartan Nation would like to welcome yet another Bullough to the Spartan football family.Â

Traverse City St. Francis junior Byron Bullough’s last name should already sound familiar, but this Bullough looks forward to making his own name known when he enrolls at Michigan State in 2014.

One of the first commits of this class, Bullough was offered a scholarship as a sophomore.

Despite a disappointing 4-5 junior season due to multiple injuries to teammates, this young player took a lot of positives from the season. He recently joined Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr. on Spartan Nation Radio and talked about it.

“The first game of the season I played safety, and that was something I was really comfortable with,” he says. “But after our first game, the defensive coaches thought it would be the best thing to move to linebacker, so that was the first time I played linebacker in my career.

“I’ve got a feel for that now, and I really got comfortable at the end of the year and was playing well. I think that’s going to carry over into my senior year and then beyond in college at Michigan State.”

           He also worked on adding muscle, as his weight is up to about 212 on his six-foot-one-inch frame.

           “I want to play my senior year at St. Francis at 220 or above, so by the time I get to State I don’t really see myself at being less than 230.”

           While he humbly says he would like to improve on “everything, of course,” Bullough says he would really like to gain speed.

“Now that I’m getting bigger, I think I can get a lot faster and more explosive. I’m just overall trying to get better in every area.”

           With plenty of time before he moves to East Lansing in 2014, Bullough says he is “100% a St. Francis Gladiator right now” and not focusing too much attention on what lies ahead.

           “I’m obviously always thinking about Michigan State,” he says. “I have my entire life. I’ve dreamed about playing at Michigan State since I was a little child, but right now I’m in basketball season, and that’s what I’m totally focused on.”

           At this point in his junior year, Bullough is happy with the way things are going as a result of his hard work both on and off the field - Spartan fans should be excited, too.

“I’m growing into a young man,” he says, “and I’m proud of myself.”