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After thoughts from the MSU vs. Idaho game



  1. Anytime your safeties are the leading tacklers you did not have a good game. Period.
  2. I realize that John L. Smith had to spin the game, but Cliff Ryan and Kyle Cook, in response to my questions admitted that they were concerned about this team. He didn’t voice any concern. Now in his defense, I realize that he is concerned but I think people in the Spartan Nation want to hear him say that. People like him and they want a reason to root for him. His comments about only “unintelligent people” would think that win to be unimpressive was well…unintelligent. Two of his captains thought it was unimpressive.
  3. Kyle Cook is as solid of a young man and player as someone can be, I have complete faith in him as an on field coach and captain to “motivate” his compatriots on the line.
  4. Cliff Ryan is a beast. I love that kid, heck I love the whole makeup of this team. There is only one player on this team that I don’t like, (no I will never say) and I agree with George Perles. He always says that Duffy taught him the most improvement a team makes is between the first and second game. I agree and we shall see. I for one think this team comes out and trashes EMU, thus making some people relax.
  5. Jehuu Caulcrick not being on the field when they went for it on 4th down was a complete error, that even after the game Ringer admitted as such saying: "I thought Jehuu was going to be in the game...I don't know if there was a mixup, but I saw him still on the sideline" How do you not use your 260 back that they had struggled bringing down and use your smaller back that they had tossed around? Anyways if they make it we aren't talking about it, so lets relax and see what we get on Saturday.
  6. Lastly lets look at two critical areas: zero turnovers and only 2 penalties. It was not as impressive as we wanted but there is some bright spots.
  7. O.K. this one will be really the last, you don't win 2 national championships not knowing how to coach, so this team can't be judged by last years record becuase that coach is worth four wins.

With all the Email you people are sending me, I can only say relax. Like I said yesterday, if this team plays as poorly next week then be scared, but not now. I think they will be fine and I am not worried. Concerned? Yes. Worried? Nope!

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