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Alabama Players Talk MSU


The Alabama player acknowledge that this one is personal for Saban.  Photo courtesy of the Capital One Bowl.

The Alabama player acknowledge that this one is personal for Saban. Photo courtesy of the Capital One Bowl.



Alabama Running Back Mark Ingram

"It's gonna be a fun game. I used to visit (MSU) a lot; it was only about 40 minutes from home. I know a lot of guys that play on their team and we were recruited together and took visits together. It was real close and they came down to my final three."

On players he knows well on the MSU team:

"I know Jerel Worthy, I ran track and played against Trent Robinson. I know Johnny Adams, the punter; he was on a visit with us too. So I remember a lot of them. I don't know a lot of them personally, but I remember a lot of them from my visits and from hanging around with them on those visits."

On if Coach Saban is especially excited about the matchup:

"Definitely. Actually, there are a lot of our coaches have ties there - Coach Williams, Coach McElwain, Mike Vollmar - so there are a lot of close ties for this game and it is exciting for them."

On the MSU defense:

"They're athletic. They don't make a lot of mistakes. They're very sound on defense. They work together as a team. They play real well together as a team. Our main focus right now is practicing every day, perfecting our game plan, learning them more and more every day so we know them inside and out so that we give ourselves the best chance at success."

Offensive Guard Barrett Jones

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On the status of his injured ankle

"It feels great. Practice has been going real good. It's in good shape. I am back to full speed in practice, doing everything, so it feels good. It was a high ankle sprain and it took a long time."

On the cohesion and overall health of the UA offensive line:

"Last year we were fortunate because the same offensive line played every snap, or every meaningful snap. It was always the same group of guys. This year we have had some injuries and it has affected us. You can't always be so fortunate, but I think we are feeling pretty good about things right now."

Quarterback Greg McElroy

On finishing the season strong and the attitude of the team:

"You're not really mentioned among the great Alabama teams unless you win 10 games so I think that's a definite point of focus for us. We've had a great week of practice and we're just looking forward to finishing strong."

On the realization that his college career will end in four days:

"It's been bittersweet. I am just trying to savor every last moment with my teammates and spend as much time with them as I can, whether that is at the players’ lounge or walking around Disney World...things like that is what I will miss. That team mantra, that team aspect is something that is often overlooked. So much of it gets focused on the game, but it’s the guys that you will miss the most. So I am looking forward to these last opportunities to spend with them, and then wish them well in whatever they will do."

On his bowl experience this week:

"We had a good time yesterday, and I'm looking forward to having some fun later today at Universal. There's been a lot to do and I am just enjoying it, but we're also focused on getting ready for the game and looking forward to playing well."


All quotes courtesy of the Capital One Bowl