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Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hondo, I read that Mark Hollis had to suspend season ticket
sales for football. Under his leadership
MSU has become a national player. How
appealing is he to other schools now that he has done it at a place many
thought could never be back? Abraham

Great question,
Abraham. He is very appealing. I am waiting for the Board of Trustees at
their June retreat to make his raise official, but I know of one VERY well-known
BCS school that is going to need a new AD in the next year and they have Hollis
as their #1 target. Money will be no
object. I know he wants to be here, but
it is time for it to be shown. Sure, he
wants to be here, but with being the 10th or 11th
(depending on your source) highest paid B1G AD out of 12 is a joke. He has a family to think of and loyalty does
a lot of things, but doesn’t guarantee your family a long term secured future.


Hondo, I was really impressed with Connor Kruse and his play
on the OL for MSU in the spring game. I
know he is a walk on from Lowell, but not a lot more. Do you see him with a true shot to get some
playing time? David

I don’t think he will
get a lot of reps this year as a redshirt freshman. As I said when he came here, I do see him
getting a scholarship and playing significantly before he is done. He is very well-liked by teammates and
coaches and works hard. Keep his name in
mind…he is a player.


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Hondo, I am really concerned with Larry Caper getting
another concussion. That is more than
one now and once they really start, getting them again and again is
easier. Do you think this will diminish
his minutes? Matthew

Larry’s minutes will
be strictly tied to one thing:
productivity. If he is cleared
and he earns the minutes, he will play.
I have heard the same thing about concussions and anyone who was in the
stadium after he got popped in the spring game saw it. I worry about him as a person, but so do the
people around him on the staff, team, and of course, his family. I think it is too early to tell, but if he
can produce, he will play.


Hondo, you said that you expected Aaron Burbridge to be
eligible to play in the fall. Others
reported he wouldn’t be and now I recently read that if school goes well he
might be. Still think he will play? Kyle

Yes, I do think he
will, as long as he takes care of his business.

There you go everyone. Another week of your MSU Football Q and A in
the books. Make sure to send in your
questions for next week. Simply email
them to
and put weekly Q and AFootball in the subject line.