Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hondo S. Carpenter

19 TX QB Sam Saxton (PHOTO:  Saxton)
19 TX QB Sam Saxton (PHOTO: Saxton)

Answering your #5 Michigan State FootballQuestions and Emails…

Hondo your track record for picking whether or not players pick Michigan State in recruiting is extraordinary. So after reading about Muhsin Muhammad 3rd what do you think he will do? Carol Thomas

I believe is a solid Spartan pick up for the 2020 class AS OF RIGHT NOW. I always preface that as recruiting changes. Article soon on him.

Hondo I had emailed you at least three or four times in the past about Dwan Mathis. I had asked you questions like why you didn’t talk about him more or nearly at all. They never made your articles with questions, but you always answered me. Now that he has decommitted is that why you were so quiet? Just trying to learn. Kurt Brown

Yes, Kurt. I am not going to badmouth a kid, but I was certain that was going to happen and I don’t think you keep hyping someone that you either feel 1) isn’t worth the hype and/or 2) isn’t sticking around. Not fair to you my readers.

Hondo you have written a ton and talked even more on the radio about the linebacker Brock Horne. Do you think he gets an offer? Max Wilson

I do Max. In fact, I think it is a matter of when he gets his offer and not IF. I will add that unless something surprising or unexpected occurs, he will be a Spartan on signing day. I would also add that I said the same things about Chris Frey and LeVeon Bell and both are in the NFL. He, in my opinion, is the most underrated player in the Midwest and the staff doesn’t like him, they love him. If MSU issues another LB offer, it will be addressed to him.

Do you still expect Antjuan Simmons to replace Chris Frey as a starting LB this fall? I referenced your earlier statement that Simmons was the expected starter elsewhere and I was "informed" that Simmons is currently running as backup MLB behind Joe Bachie, and it would be a Randle/Thompson battle for the 3rd starting LB spot. Britt Bonarigo

I 100% stand by my reporting. It was Mark Dantonio who backed me up AFTER the spring game when he said the Spartans played WITHOUT their three starting linebackers. Now I add one caveat, there could be ANOTHER player, not Randle or Thomas that could push him. Randle and Thomas are possibilities at starter if injuries occur, but not right now. Also, he IS NOT the backup to Bachie. He can play MIKE, but they have him eyed elsewhere.

Hondo, you said the QB recruit Sam Saxton has "...a completion percentage of 85%..." That is incorrect, it was actually 65.2% (which is really good, but 85% would be remarkable). I think you accidentally quoted the "FT percentage" from a basketball player Sam Saxton. Brian Schultz

I apologize but you have incorrect information. His complete ion percentage was 85% last year. The source for your “information” only had 5 of his games from last year and it was inputted per a student. I checked with the school.

Hondo I was reading an article that said this, “Six of the Spartans’ seven conference victories came by these margins: 7, 4, 3, 8, 3 and 10 points. Were they fortunate to win that many tight games or skilled at closing?”  What are your thoughts? Kyle Drew

Some of all of it. But they also turned on the offense after the Northwestern game. If MSU comes out attacking this year that will go up. If MSU attacks offensively like they did post Northwestern last year, the Spartans will be deadly.

Do you think the Mathis flip is a big problem for MSU? What are your thoughts on his reasoning? Thanks. Ray K.

No, not at all. He has always loved OSU and I am very happy for him, MSU and OSU. Everybody is a winner.

Hondo there is a safety out of Texas named Darius Snow. I think he is for the 20 class? Any thoughts on MSU and their chances? Chris Tierman

The Spartans are right in the hunt. I think the Longhorns (Texas) are the team to beat, but the Spartans are in it!

Hondo with Graham being added to staff is Dave Rayner still with the program? Thanks, Brian Carney

No he is not.

Hondo any idea on what the 20 CB from Ohio Miquan Grace picks? Benjamin Wood

Very early, but he is a super strong OSU lean.

Hondo do you expect Ladarius Jefferson to be on the team? V. Harris

I sure do.

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There you go, everyone. That is your weekly MSU football questions and answers article. Make sure you send your questions to and put in the subject line Football Q/A. Thank you.