Big Ten Football Players Write COVID-19 Proposal to NCAA

McLain Moberg

Over 1,000 Big Ten football players published a letter to the NCAA and their conference with a strong and direct approach concerning the safety and well-being of the players themselves.

The letter states, "Given that the players are the primary stakeholders in the business of college sports, we believe any course of action moving forwards needs to include player input. We are deeply disappointed with the lack of leadership demonstrated by the NCAA with respect to player safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We believe that the NCAA must — on its own and through collaboration with the conference — devise a comprehensive plan to ensure the safety and well-being of players leading up to and during the upcoming fall season."

Some of their proposals are listed below. 

Big Ten Player Proposals

  • Third-party testing to administer all COVID-19 tests and enforce health/safety standards. To be approved by players.
  • Athletic personnel are required to report suspected violations.
  • All student-athletes need to have up-to-date information about the risks of COVID-19.
  • Adherence to WHO and CDC guidance for sporting events and compliance with all federal, state, and local statutes and regulations.
  • Safety standards that are appropriate for each sport.
  • All coaches, staff, players, vendors, press, and visitors must abide by social distancing requirements and mandatory mask-wearing regulations in and around athletic facilities.
  • Minimum cleaning and sanitation protocols for all uniforms, equipment, and athletic facilities, including visitor locker rooms.
  • Contact-tracing protocols for anyone who comes into contact with college athletes and team personnel who test positive.
  • Testing of everyone who comes into contact with college athletes, including coaches, trainers, medical staff, nutrition staff, referees, media, etc.
  • Automatic medical redshirt for players who miss any competitions due to COVID-19 (positive test or otherwise).
  • Scholarships are to be preserved for any player opting out of the season or are unable to play more than 40% of their schedule because of coronavirus.

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Comments (1)
No. 1-1

This decision to postpone the Big Ten football season is a sad and thinly veiled ploy that is only meant to provide negative political views towards President Trump. The so-called "WOKE" crowd at the Big Ten and most of the colleges within it are doing this at the athletes expense. I for one will end watching all college sports that bend to this decision. You will lose huge revenues this and hopefully in subsequent years for doing such a nefarious and despicable act. Shame on the Big Ten.