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Breaking MSU football news: Dantonio does it again! Welcome back: the Headhunter. Craig Jarrett, former Spartan great joins Dantonio's staff! is proud once again to bring you more breaking MSU news.

Dantonio does it again! Welcome back: the Headhunter, Craig Jarrett.

Granted Mark Dantonio’s record as the Spartan head coach is still 0-0, but he has done better than anyone could have hoped this far and he has done it again. The last regime wanted nothing to do with past players (except for the older ones that they wanted money from, more on that at a later date) and did just about anything they could do to make that very clear. Dantonio is too classy to attack JLS, but he is letting his actions speak much louder than his words. He has reached out and let them all know that as part of the Spartan Nation, whether they won a Rose Bowl or if they were a walk-on on a pitiful team that MSU football is their home and they belong there. Now listen to what he has done.

JLS was told that he would hire a Spartan to be on his staff, sadly after the writing was on the wall that he was probably on the way out. That is why Dan Enos is here. Now that isn’t a slight on Enos, and Smith certainly didn’t even make a half-hearted attempt (in my opinion) to use him. He was a Spartan Nation guy, not a Smith guy and it showed. Thankfully for a great Spartan like Enos, Dantonio knew him, knew he could coach when given the actual chance and he remained on his staff.

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Well Dantonio has sent a message again to the Big Ten, the country, but most of all to the Spartan Nation. We are proud to report that former great Spartan, Craig “The Headhunter” Jarrett, has joined Dantonio’s staff and this former great punter will have a significant impact working with the special teams. He will have the title of graduate assistant, but is impact will be much more significant.Â

Jarrett was a headhunter while at MSU and was known as a Linebacker that punted. He was well known as a tough player that went down the field like a heat seeking missile seeking what poor victim on the opponent’s team he could personally assassinate. He will be a great tutor to the Spartans not only because of how he played, but it is yet another opportunity that Dantonio has to demonstrate to his current team about his commitment to MSU. Jarrett will work with the offense as well as help with the special teams.

Now as you all know, the Devil is in the details and here is how Jarrett got the job and the message that Dantonio sent. Indiana offered Jarrett, essentially, a chance to go and do the same at their school. Dantonio, when he heard of it, would have none of that and informed Jarrett that he was staying home. It was a brilliant move by Dantonio, and it keeps at home one of our own.

Welcome back Craig and yet again, props to Dantonio. He is building the whole program, and I couldn’t be prouder. Although Jarrett hasn't yet signed his contract, that will happen very soon.