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BREAKING SPARTAN FOOTBALL NEWS: Dantonio gets his man! 6:08 p.m. WR Fred Smith picks MSU!

Dantonio gets his man! 6:08 p.m.

MSU head football coach Mark Dantonio got another highly praised recruit today and more importantly yet again he went head to head with archrival UM to get him.Â

Fred Smith the much sought after WR from Detroit Southeastern stands 6’2” ½ and has stellar game breaking speed. He has great speed and is also a threat in basketball. Earlier today I was called and informed of his choice and asked not to report or discuss it until after 6:00 p.m.  Smith is a basketball player and he came into East Lansing for another visit this weekend and one thing that figured prominently in his decision process was the fact that Tom Izzo let him know, he had a spot waiting for Smith whenever the football season ended.

A source close to Smith told me today while we talked on the phone that, “It really isn’t fair to make it sound like his family in any way pressured him to pick UM like some have said. In fact there was a lot of pressure and I think that the Wolverines understand that the Spartans are gaining momentum under Dantonio and they haven’t even played a game yet. He loved coach Dantonio and he loves what Izzo and the basketball program represent. It is only my opinion but at UM they don’t really seem to be the same program. UM basketball and UM football are almost like two different worlds. At MSU Dantonio and Izzo are like one. I think Fred fit as a Spartan and both of the MSU coaches never one time even mentioned UM, all they talked about was where MSU was in basketball and football and how he was wanted and needed with both sports. I would say that UM was and is a great school but in the end, Fred’s family told him to follow his heart and his heart told him that he was a Spartan.”

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MSU continues not to short themselves. There are many that want to see Mark Dantonio with more numbers and I think he would also. The funny thing however is that Dantonio isn’t looking for numbers for numbers sake. He wants kids that can come in, compete immediately and contribute. He isn’t going to take a number for the sake of a number and he is going head to head with UM and winning some. That is huge.

With Smith’s commitment the Spartans have four players that have now verbally said that they will be Spartans in the spring. The class has two offensive players and two defensive players.

Recruiting however has some bright spots on the horizon with DE Nick Perry from Martin Luther King in Detroit and Deon’Tae Pannell, a huge 6’6” 308# OT from Birmingham Grove both having MSU either as their leader or tied for the lead with decisions for each both forthcoming.

Adding Smith to the Spartan team is a huge accomplishment for the Spartans that have now went head-to-head with the Wolverines for three of their commitments this fall and although Dantonio has yet to coach a game he is getting kids that his arch rival wanted. Going head-to-head with the Wolverines and winning has not happened in several years with any regularity in East Lansing.