Bryan Mathews brings it strong in his first shot as a guest author! Watch out Bob Griese, Bryan didn't like your coverage!


Bob” I’m not bias” Griese commentary
Was it me or was the commentary from Bob Griese as bad as it gets on Saturday? I couldn’t help but get madder as the game went on. Even my wife, who doesn’t watch sports much, was laughing at how BG was hating on MSU. When Dell made that amazing catch for the touchdown, all he could talk about was what a great angle the camera man had. He didn’t even mention the great touch that Hoyer put on the ball. I’ll be the first to admit that the camera man had a GREAT shot of the touchdown, but there was an OUTSTANDING catch made, right?

Then came the hit of the year, followed by more HATRED. Turning what was a great play into a play that was dirty. Telling the kids who are watching, that this is not how you play football. Saying the “over” celebrating was a classless act. All I saw was them slapping hands, saying nice hit. He didn’t break out in a Vegas show dance routine, or grab his Bluetooth and call his mom. At least mention that since it was a catch, the clock would of ran out if the ref did not stop it or Wiley would of picked up the fumble.

“That's Michigan State being Michigan State". That was said when Davis hit the QB for the late hit. I’ll be the first to admit that State has done that in the past, but it doesn’t look like this is the past. The game didn’t look like the past. Stopping them on 3rd and goal after the personal foul was not like the past. It looks like times are changing here in East Lansing; I hope ABC will be changing also.

Being a die hard Spartan fan, I understand the hatred from the Michigan fans, but from an ABC announcer? Come on! You didn’t even attend Michigan. I understand that as a father of a former Michigan player, you must also hate the green and white, but having to show it on national TV? I can take the bias from the Notre Dame Channel, but from the #1 crew in college football, not a chance. He will be eating his words when MD leads the green and white to the promise land.