Dantonio lets the football team know: things aren’t the same anymore. Narduzzi wants fear to be the 12th man in this defense.

Hondo S. Carpenter

Dantonio lets the football team know: things aren’t the same anymore.

We have seen his affect on high school coaches and recruits, but have you heard what is happening with the team? I have. I had two members of the team, both prominent stars, one on offense and one on defense tell me this weekend “you can’t imagine how sore I am right now. I hurt everywhere. I think we have worked harder in this off season then all last.”

One Spartan great told me this morning “I am so glad those circus days are over. I love seeing tough Big Ten football around here. It is about time this team acted like they had a pair. I ain’t sure about talent, but this team will be tougher. You got some people that are going to get black eyes playing MSU again and I like it.  Back in the day you feared MSU, you knew that we where going to beat you up. That is what is going on.”

There is a lot of excitement now and the impact is carrying over. One Spartan told me at the basketball game the other day “I think we all know that none of our jobs area guaranteed. Coach don’t play like that. If you’re the best then you play and you have to earn everything. He is great because he can talk to you like a man and tell you what they don’t like, but it isn’t mind games.”

This team also is really looking forward to spring ball. “I think that hitting is what people are going to be shocked about. Coach Narduzzi doesn’t want you to hit, he wants you to drive through people, cut them in half. He says that if they want to come across the middle then we have to be willing to break them in half. We have to make fear our 12th man in this defense. I like that.”

The workouts this off-season have been legendary. The guys have been running with reckless abandon as this staff is letting it be known that we won’t lose in the fourth quarter because if conditioning. One coach said it best when talking to some of the O line recently that “MSU will never lose because of conditioning and toughness.”Â

I know this fact vomiting is back at the Duffy and the players are feeling it. "We have thrown up, that’s for sure but it isn't for nothing, we had to get tough and we are getting there,” said one offensive player. "Coach wants you to hurt in practice so you can win, that is what it is all about winning."

There is unprecedented excitement from the team and I for one can’t wait until spring practice. Get your hearts thumping Spartan Nation; I know the teams' is, from running and lifting that is!



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