EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS: Mark Dantonio Adds Commitment Number One for 2011 Class and it’s RB Onaje Miller from Lansing Sexton

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Spartan Nation was the first to report that Lansing Sexton RB Onaje Miller (RB 5’10 180lbs.) had received an offer from the Spartans and today we are first to report that he is now officially a Spartan.


Miller informed Mark Dantonio moments ago (1:14 p.m.) of his choice. “I am glad it is over. The pressure isn’t there because I knew where I wanted to be. Now I can be a recruiting tool.”


For Miller, being a Spartan is more than simply playing close to home. He had several offers already including from the Big Ten (Michigan and Wisconsin), but playing for Coach Dantonio and the Spartans was a dream, “Being from where I am from you always hear about them. I watched a lot from when Javon Ringer was there and became an MSU fan.”


Spartan Nation was at Lansing Sexton today when he informed Dantonio.


Miller has a high football IQ with incredible balance. His vision sets him apart with a unique ability to avoid tackles. Very few times do you see Miller get brought down by the first defender. 


He will need to learn to trust his speed more at the next level, where running over 300# men and LBs like Greg Jones is not highly recommended on each play.


How explosive is the new Spartan? Last October in the rain and the mud he ran for 319 yards and four touchdowns on 30 carries. What set Miller apart that night was at times he ran away from people like Javon Ringer and at times he ran over them like Jehuu Caulcrick. It was that game that he clearly established himself as the number one Midwest RB for the 2011 class. Not because of the numbers, but how he got them. 


“He has the best balance of any player I have ever had and I have had several all state tailbacks,” was how Sexton Head Coach Dan Boggan described is young star. Several people have compared him to Javon Ringer.


Miller will follow two other Lansing Sexton players who are already at MSU in what can now be described as the MSU pipeline. Those players are red shirt freshman Micajah Reynolds a guard who is expected to compete for playing time in 2010 and D.J. Young. Young was the starting right tackle in 2009.


Coach Boggan talked about the “MSU Pipeline” that Sexton has become, “I trust coach Dantonio. We had had some years were we didn’t send players to MSU. That wasn’t because they didn’t want our players; I just didn’t feel like I wanted our players there. He (Dantonio) has taken the State serious finally and I respect that. He wants kids from Michigan and I am happy that I can send them there. I trust him with any kid that I have.”


Miller is a high character young man whose is well respected inside and outside his school for being a compassionate person. He gave credit for that character trait, “My Grandma taught me to care about people. If I wasn’t blessed to be a football player, if I wasn’t talented I would want people to care about me, I guess that is why I care about people.”


Miller does well in school and would like to get an engineering degree from MSU. Coach Boggan bragged on Miller’s scholastic commitment, “He takes the bull by the horns, he meets with teachers, he takes engineering classes here now and he reaches out if he needs help. In the last year and a half he has learned the importance of school.”