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Face it Spartan Nation: 4 years(5 UM games) later we come to Michigan Stadium and still were poorly coached, undisciplined and we get whipped. How does it feel?

October 7, 2006

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Michigan Stadium

Was it a bad omen or just a mistake? Demond Williams made a critical error on the opening kickoff and the Spartans got pinned at their own nine. It must have been because the Spartans went three and out, and gave the ball to the Wolverines who promptly began to drive. It appeared the MSU D had held them but an offside penalty gave them hope.Â

Sadly MSU defensive coordinator Chris Smeland on the next play (a third and one) gave them yardage when he called a coverage that had the MSU CB’s playing 11-yards off the receivers: on freaking third and one. What in the world was he thinking? Â

The Spartans however on the same drive helped the Wolverines out by yet another offside penalty and eventually the Wolverine marched in for the quick 7-0 lead.  The Spartans looked lethargic and it looked like just based on the mistakes and penalties that it was going to be a long day. On the PAT Demond Williams made another mistake, this time he was also penalized when he roughed the kicker a 15-yard personal foul. The Spartans third penalty of the game. The Wolverines are to good to have MSU helping them out.

Down 14-0 in the second quarter the Spartans finally moved the ball but again mistakes and penalties killed them. Swenson missed a 33-yard chip shot field goal making no doubt that the Wolverines were in total control and the Spartans were languishing in mistakes and self doubt.

As is it wasn’t bad enough, UM drove down the field and helped by more MSU penalties hit the field goal for the apparent 17-0 lead. Well it was not to be. MSU got a personal foul penalty and UM accepted it and took the field goal off the board and marched in for the field goal again.

On the Wolverines first drive of the second half the Spartan D appeared to have stopped them but DUMB personal foul when Nehemiah Warrick hit a receiver CLEARLY out of bounds when the pass was incomplete and kept the drive alive, and keep it alive it did. Henne wasted no time hitting Manningham for the 27-yard TD strike and with 11:22 left in the third quarter it was a blowout as the Wolverines had the 24-0 lead.

With 7:50 left in the third with MSU on UM 29 MSU went for it and A.J. Jimmerson was hammered for a loss, that however didn’t matter because MSU got a penalty for a false start and had to start over. They went for it again after the penalty and this time it was converted for a first and ten at the UM 14. MSU was not to be denied thanks to the running of Jehuu Caulcrick he got the 1-yard TD drive and with the successful PAT the score was 24-7 UM with 3:47 left in the third. It was the first rushing TD that had been scored on the UM defense for the season. It was the 134th rushing attempt against them for the season.

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Sadly however with the offenses great drive the defense forgot that they had to stop UM for the Spartans to catch up. It was a an utter embarrassment as the Wolverines went up 31-7 with :55 left in the third and clearly they were in control and MSU had no business being on the same field. For a Spartan fan it was annihilation and it was pitiful. At this point it became so bad that I started answering your emails.

MSU had somewhat of a drive in the fourth but on yet another fourth down, UM intercepted Stanton and with 12:51 UM had the ball back and the game was in the bag. The Spartans did manage another TD but only with UM in a prevent and they went for two and that failed. The final was 31-13 but that score was no indicative to how bad the game was.Â


Offense:Â F

Defense:Â F

Coaching:Â F


  1. Kellen Davis and Eric Andino the first and third string TE’s were on the dress list and dropped moments before kickoff due to apparently an off field issue. I am drawing that from John L. Smith telling me in the post game press conference that “I can’t talk about that” three players calling them not being dress “an incident.”
  2. Why complain about Mannigham’s first TD asking the refs to review and not throw your challenge?
  3. Why not use your time outs at the end of the first half?
  4. Why on the UM first drive when they have a third and one do you play your cornerbacks 11-yards of the ball?
  5. Why after having special team issues with your guys catching punts inside their own 10 are they still doing it?
  6. Why Why Why it seems that is all we can ask around here and it is getting old.
  7. We were told after Bobby got canned we would see some discipline and less penalties. We had 11 tonight…enough said. Oh but wait, the team GPA is higher!

Now Ohio State enters Spartan Stadium and as well as they travel we could see more crimson and crème in Spartan Stadium then green and white.

This team was poorly coached, undisciplined and looked like the stepsister. I for one am not willing to watch MSU look like that. Everyone from the fans up to the President of the University (that includes the entire team) should be embarrassed. I can handle a loss to a superior team but it is a crock that we keep beating ourselves. UM is too good for us to do that and a team that comes out not ready reflects on the staff. Maybe if they spent more time coaching and devising game plans then worrying about the media things would be better.