Courtney Hawkins  on How Coming Back to East Lansing Came About

Hondo S. Carpenter

East Lansing, MI— For the former Michigan State Spartan football ICONIC player Courtney Hawkins to come home to East Lansing as a coach, was a dream come true.

As he reflected on getting the job, he talked about whether Mel Tucker sought him out or if he sought out Tucker and how it all happened.

“I think there was a little bit of all of the above, would be the answer that I would circle in on that one. I’d say over the last six, seven years; I’ve expressed interest in wanting to coach in college. I’ve been coaching high school for 14 years, and I said before I hung my coaching whistle, this is something that was on my bucket list, and I always thought no better place to do it then back home. Between myself and some of my friends. When the job opened, even the head coach position, I had people call me and say, ‘Oh man, why don’t you apply?’ I don’t have enough experience to be a head coach at that level, at this point, but I’ve been praying about it, and I got a great call on February 14th, I’ll never forget it. It was actually Valentine’s Day, and Coach Tuck (head coach Mel Tucker) called me that morning, and we had a couple of conversations, and here I am.”

The Spartans kick off the season on September 5, 2020. They will be hosting in the Northwestern Wildcats with a rare, season-opening Big Ten game.

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