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Hondo happy after MSU finishes strong in rout of EMU

September 9, 2006

East Lansing, Michigan

10 minutes before the game, the stadium was only partially full and with the rain it won’t get much better.

Well someone failed to inform the Eagles that they were supposed to not show up, the intercepted a Drew Stanton pass to take the early lead, but Drew Stanton marched the Spartans right back down the field and with a textbook fake took the ball in for the TD. The PAT was good and with 5:49 left in the first half the Spartans had the 7-3 lead. MSU added a field goal and that was how the first quarter ended with a 10-3 MSU lead.

MSU was the next to score on a Trannon 17-yard TD and the PAT was good. They then in turn scored another TD on a Trannon TD pass to Jimmerson on a 35-yard score and with yet an0other successful PAT the score was 24-3 MSU. Sadly no one informed the Eagles that the game was over at this point, and they failed to hear in even if the crowd of probably 65,000 (estimate) were all yelling.

EMU had a TD (PAT was good) and an onside kick (the best executed I have ever seen) and they again attacked the MSU defense again and scored with another TD pass. The PAT was good and at the half it was MSU 24-17.

“O.K. take it easy” I was telling myself at halftime.  That didn’t last long. MSU fumbled the kickoff to start the second half and EMU converted the field goal for the 24-20 MSU lead, and I can make it official now: I am not happy.

MSU led by Drew Stanton quickly played bad host however as he led two TD scoring drives that with successful PAT’s made the game 38-20 and again MSU was in charge.Â

I will not bother you with the details from there but it was an MSU blowout. The Spartans put up 586 yards in defense and looked strong. “They responded well didn’t they to my strong talk at halftime,” is what a much happier John L. Smith said after the game.

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“I think the defense was able to get the stops and that was what we had to finally do, I certainly feel a lot better” was what captain and one of the best defensive tackles in the country Cliff Ryan had to say after the game.

Otis Wiley for the second week in a row led the team in tackles and was in my opinion the most valuable player even though Matt Trannon set the all time MSU single game reception record with 14. Plaxico Burress (now a N.Y. Giant) was the old record holder with 13 against Florida in the 2000 Citrus bowl!


Offense: A any time you drop 50 against an opponent that is an A.

Defense: B can’t give up 20 and get better then that, but there was a lot for people to be happy about.

Coaching: A It was a win, and it was what it needed to be. John L. Smith did what good coaches do and he used half time to get his point to the team about their play.

Special Teams:Â D

Special PROPHETS award: Joe Rexrode of the Lansing State Journal. You have seen him on Hondo’s House many times and he successfully predicted the game score in the paper before the game. Props to my boy the Prophet.

I am hungry so I am out! LOL Anyways I will talk to you all from Ford Field in the morning. Peace!