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(On if this is where he thought he might be picked in the draft)


I didn’t have a clue on where I might of possibly went. It lasted a bit longer but I’m very thankful to be going to the Titans.  Â


(On what the team told him on his visit to Nashville)


They told me they liked me as a running back. They liked what I would be able to do to help bring to their team. They liked my versatility at being a running back also how I was very willing to contribute on special teams and it was something I have been able to do before. They just liked my all around game.


(On fitting in with the current running backs on the team)


I would say I fit in pretty well. I would kind of be a mixture of a lot of the running backs you have. I feel like I would be a nice complement to either LenDale White but also be a nice complement to Chris Johnson. I know Chris Johnson is kind of like the super fast one and LenDale White is like the really big one. I would kind of be like in the middle I guess you can say. I feel like I will be able to do a lot.  Â


(On career special teams play)


My freshman year I was a gunner and I was on the kickoff team. I’ve also done kickoff returns and was also on punts.


(On the wait today)


I had a lot of family and friends here. I had a lot of support at home. I was just playing with my little nephew for a little bit. I kept trying to move around, never really stayed in one spot. I never really wanted to sit down and watch the draft. I was continuously doing different stuff. I went to go wash my car, played Uno and tried to play Connect Four but didn’t have it. I tried to play Trouble but my little nephew, he lost all the pieces. I was kind of just doing a little bit of everything.  Â


(On how his body feels after 390 carries)


I feel like I feel a lot better. I will be a lot fresher than what I was last year. But also last year, with getting that many carries, I hardly didn’t get that many carries my freshman and sophomore years. I really didn’t start getting the ball my junior year and in my senior year. I feel pretty okay. I am roughly still pretty young so my body still feels pretty good. It’s going to be able to hold together for a pretty long time.  Â


(On calling his legs “money makers”)


The only reason I said that is because I feel like is where all my success comes from is my legs. In order for me to be successful and in order for me to even make it to the NFL, I had to use my legs. Of course upper body is important but I feel like my number one thing is my legs. You play this game from the ground up and from the running strength, legs and power, speed and quickness all comes from my lower body so that is why I feel like this is what I need to be successful.


(On overcoming two knee injuries)

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It was one on each knee. The one from my right knee was my ACL. That was back in my senior year in high school and I haven’t had any problems with that since. That’s kind of been able to prove it could last throughout college and continue to last. I one I just recently had, I feel like I been able to recover from this pretty quickly even so from at the combine. I was able to perform at the combine even though I wasn’t a hundred percent I still did pretty decent there and then the tremendous improvement that I should at my Pro Day from the combine was another compliment on how my knee is improving. I feel fine with my knee.


(On the injury to left knee)


I just had a torn meniscus.


(On his style of running)


I feel like I can do both. With my quickness and speed, I can be a slasher; I can be a very allusive running back. Also I like contact, that’s why I also drive my legs. I am also able to get those tough yards as many times as I had to do that this year. I am very good with running in between the tackles but I also have the quickness and speed to do what I can in the open field to make it to the outside.Â


(On whom in the NFL he patterns himself after)


I like to kind of feel like I resemble Willie Parker a little bit.


(On speed in the 40)


That is also where I showed my improvement from combine to my Pro Day. After my Pro Day, I was probably at 85% and I was able to run a 4.42. That was at only 85%. I’m usually able to run a 4.3 until I had this meniscus tear in January. At the combine, at 75%, I ran a 4.54, then at my Pro Day, from the training and rehab I still continued to do, I was only 85% and I ran a 4.42. As I am continuing to progress, I feel like my speed will get back to normal.Â


(On being healthy)


Right now, I feel like, I am feeling good. I still feel like I want to work a little harder so I am willing to give myself about 95%. I actually could say 100 but I want to make sure I have the right mindset on continuing to work.


(On proving self on this level)


I definitely have something to prove especially with having something to prove with me showing that I am just as good if not better than a lot of the running backs that went above me. Number one, just going to the next level. I don’t want to be one of those running backs that who is titled as, he was a good running back in college and went to the NFL and became a bust. I want to make sure I continue to be called a great running back also in the NFL.


(On comparison to Beanie Wells)


Comparable, I feel like we are both pretty good running backs. He is bigger than I am but I feel like where his size comes in that where my quickness and speed comes in. I feel like I have that ability over him. I think he and I would be a great complement as well.Â