Jay Johnson on New Michigan State Offense

Jay Johnson reveals what his side of the ball will look like while indicating how strongly he felt about the Michigan State offense.

Mark Dantonio's attempt to keep his staff together and shuffle responsibilities throughout the offense didn't work out in his favor.

The results were accompanied by regression. 

It came with one less win than the previous season and some of the worst rushing statistics in school history.

The Spartans ended their season ranked 105th in points per game, an improvement from finishing 126th the year before. But not by much. 

Despite winning ten games in 2017, they were listed just inside of the top-100 sitting at 96th. 

One of the most important things this new coaching staff needs to address is getting the offense where it needs to be.

Under Mark Dantonio, the Spartans ran a pro-style offense for the majority of the 13 years he was the head coach. So, what will Michigan State look like under new offensive coordinator Jay Johnson?

"The tempos we play with, the personnel we play with, the formations we play with. So, trying to be very multiple," said Johnson. "But at the same token, it all comes down to you can do this and that, but at the end of the day, it's gotta be a high level of execution."

Even though this is a challenging time for a new coaching staff who is trying to implement a new system and get to know their team, Johnson feels very strongly about the offense.

"I feel kinda good at where we are at actually because I feel really strongly about our offensive staff. We've got a lot of veteran guys in there that have done some things. So, I feel we're very much on the same page," Johnson said.

That said, not a single coach from last year's offensive staff was retained, but Johnson is choosing to see it from a positive point of view. 

"Sometimes, you know, change can be positive," Johnson said. "Change is hard, and change is challenging, but sometimes it can be positive. It might be just a different voice or a different approach, things of that nature. I don't think it can hurt you if it's done the right way."

"We're trying to be very detailed offensively and do a great job communicating with the guys. I feel Coach Tucker has put a staff together that can do that. With all that being said, I hope that puts us in a positive position to influence these guys in the right way."

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