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Let’s just start off by saying that there are so many great reasons to love the Spartans this season. With the addition of a new head coach, Mark Dantonio brings in a “strictly business” attitude that the players have adopted and showcased with an impressive opening victory over UAB on Saturday. The demeanor of the coaches in the post-game press conference was cool, calm, and collected; a business-as-usual air that the players and fans have got to love. While the coaching staff demonstrated their strict attitudes through tough expressions so matter-of-factly, one player could not help but wear his heart on his sleeve. In a room full of serious questions and determined looks, captain Jehuu Caulcrick was all smiles.

Under the Dantonio umbrella it was impossible for Jehuu to hold back his excitement in the pressroom after scoring a career high of 4 touchdowns. He didn’t really have to say anything. His smile was big enough to fill the entire room and believe me when I say it spoke volumes. I heard someone ask him when the last time was that he had scored 4 touchdowns in a game. His smile just got bigger.


It was refreshing to watch and listen to the new Spartan captain in the pressroom. It was so obviously apparent that this kid loved the game, a genuine characteristic that has helped Jehuu become a popular favorite to both coaches and fans alike. He spoke with an air of confidence, yet you could detect his sense of modesty that reflected his personality. To me it was a charming contrast to the no-nonsense attitude of the other players and coaches.Â

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Believe me when I say that Jehuu Caulcrick will be the Spartan to watch this season. The 6 foot 255 pound tank of a running back is an embodiment of the kind of winning attitude both on and off the field that the Spartans will need to produce a successful season. After exciting performances last season (i.e. against that Irish team) and an impressive opening day performance in which he tied the Spartan record for second most touchdowns scored in a single game (tied with T.J. Duckett/99), we can only expect Jehuu to improve with each game and add to his already stellar track record. As my main man Hondo stated so eloquently on Friday’s edition of Hondo’s House, Jehuu Caulcrick will be that Spartan that everyone will be talking about at the end of the season.