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Let a new era in the Spartan Nation begin, and a new sense of resolve come from it!

Let a new era in the Spartan Nation begin, and a new sense of resolve come from it!

Today the sweet smell of chlorophyll will rise up as an incense from the fresh cut grass of the high cathedral of the Spartan Nation: Spartan Stadium. That incense rises to the spirits of Duffy and Biggie that come gently to rest over the field. Years of tradition will pulse through an energetic fan base that so passionately pursues its love for the gridiron and the glory that accompanies a successful season.

Mark Dantonio kicks off his inaugural season with all of the expectation and enthusiasm that can be mustered and we all have that four letter drug more powerful than any other:Â hope.

I ask only this one thing. This is the first step in a marathon and we must all be locked in and committed to this. We must all accept that there will be mistakes and loses. Dantonio will get from me, and I ask all of the Spartan Nation a five-year ticket to fix what we know as Spartan football. Obviously that wouldn’t count with violations of cheating of which having known Mark for many years I can tell you won’t happen, or with ineptness from a staff that is not inept. Sure we keep caveats like that but you all know what I am saying.

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The time has now come for this team and these fans to finally be joined at the hip. To realize that coaching changes like the last needed t happen, but that making them for the sake of frustration only are neither logical nor productive. Bottle that adrenaline you are feeling right now. Keep it, savor it and enjoy it. The journey will be a long one, but five years from today we will be so glad we endured.

Are you finally ready for some football?