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Looking Ahead for the MSU Spartans Post Loss to the Buckeyes in Columbus

Looking Ahead for the Michigan State Spartans Post 34-10 Loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes in Columbus

East Lansing, MI

Mark Dantonio called the game against the Ohio State Buckeyes a, "Measuring stick."  We at Spartan Nation agree with him.  They didn't measure up.

But the Spartans don't have a bye week to lay around and feel sorry for themselves.  They have to get ready to head to Madison, Wisconsin this weekend to take on a top ten team in the Badgers.

So if the Ohio State game was a measuring stick, what do you call the game this weekend in Madison?  How about after the bye week the game in East Lansing against another top ten team in Penn State?

Could you call these truth games?  They will tell the truth?  Mark Dantonio, when hired in East Lansing, said that the program would compete every year for Big Ten titles.  To his credit, he never said they would win them, but they would compete.  Not one program in this conference should have any right saying they would win them every year.

But while in fairness to Dantonio, Spartan Nation has Ohio State ranked number one in the nation, Wisconsin and Penn State are neither the Goliath's that Ohio State is, nor are they teams that a Spartan team expected to compete for Big Ten titles every year, should be shut down against.  These games are truth-tellers.

In the above video, from the Horseshoe in Columbus, I look ahead to the next two big games and much more.

Keep it tuned to Spartan Nation, as later this week we will have a lot more looking forward.

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