Mark Dantonio and Michigan State Continue to Stockpile Talent from Ohio, we Spoke with 2012 Commitment Evan Jones!

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Once again Mark Dantonio gets a great player who is a better person!  Photo courtesy of Jones.

Once again Mark Dantonio gets a great player who is a better person! Photo courtesy of Jones.

           Evan Jones is a solid, athletic tight end (and defensive end) with good blocking ability and great hands. A great young man and player, Jones has the potential to thrive in the Green and White.  

Hailing from West Lafayette, Ohio, Jones is one of the five recruits in Michigan State’s 2012 recruiting class to come from Ohio. Primarily recruited by linebackers’ coach Mike Tressel, Jones is a tight end/ defensive end out of Ridgewood High School. A special mention All-Ohio player, Jones has experience playing on both sides of the ball. He was recruited as an “athlete” by Tressel. Though many have Jones pegged at the tight end spot (Rivals ranked him as the #31 TE in the 2012 class), do not count him out on defense. The Spartan coaching staff could surely find a spot for the 6’5 and 240 pound Jones on defense: he notched 54 tackles and six sacks in 2010. Said Jones: "I'll play where the coaches think will take the team farther."

Though not a top notch recruit, Jones fits in perfectly at Michigan State. Jones is a good blocker, and has good hands. He has also displayed the ability to catch the ball in traffic. He is certainly not a flashy superstar who will go deep on a regular basis. However, Jones certainly has the potential to thrive in the pro offense by being a consistent tight end, who catches mostly intermediate passes. He will fight for the extra yard, as his highlight video shows. Occasionally he can break out of tackles and fight his way downfield. He certainly has the size to do so.

Both a top notch athlete and scholar, Jones has been praised for his hard work on and off the field. His head football coach at Ridgewood High, John Slusser, had this to say: “He'll work hard and do a good job." When asked by Hondo Carpenter why he works so hard both in the classroom and on the field, Jones said: “I’m the type of person that I want to be the best at everything I do. So no matter what it takes, I want to give that to be the best. So If it takes 6 hours a night of studying or just doing my homework every night, I just got to get it done.” Jones is a true competitor, and will give whatever it takes to be the best. Coach Dantonio is going to love this kid.

Jones was offered by other schools such as West Virginia and Toledo, but none measured up to Michigan State in his mind. “I’ve always dreamed of playing college football. I grew up around the Big Ten; I’ve always loved the Big Ten. That was my dream: to play for a Big Ten school,” said Jones. He did not simply choose Michigan State because of its Big Ten status, however: “I’ve been different places, I wouldn’t say everywhere. Whenever I first got there, to Michigan State, East Lansing, just the atmosphere, the vibe that I got from the area, it was just amazing.” Jones continued, “I was there for the spring game and just sitting there in the stands and just hearing the crowd get pumped up: I can’t wait.”

The new Spartan is truly looking forward to his time at Michigan State. Jones is attempting to bring in other recruits to Spartan Nation to make his time even better. He has been calling, texting, Facebooking, etc. all the other recruits in Ohio to bring them in to East Lansing. Above all, Jones is happy to be a Spartan. When asked what being a Spartan means to him, he replied: “It means the world to me.”