Mark Dantonio and the Michigan State Spartans in the Hunt for Top Florida Safety Jordan J.D. Diggs

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The Brother of Oakland Raiders CB Jeremy Ware, Diggs is one of the most coveted DB prospects in the nation.  Photo courtesy of Diggs.

The Brother of Oakland Raiders CB Jeremy Ware, Diggs is one of the most coveted DB prospects in the nation. Photo courtesy of Diggs.


           The brother of a Spartan great, Jordan Diggs is a monster at the safety position. The tremendous hitter drawing comparisons to Ed Reed and Ray Lewis has not yet committed to Michigan State, but with a former Spartan in the family the Spartans are hoping to reel in this top notch recruit.

           A Fort Myers, Florida native, Diggs is a senior at Bishop Verot High School. Diggs certainly has a great family. His brother is Jeremy Ware, Spartan grad and current NFL defensive back. Diggs' father coached him in football, and Jordan is a self-proclaimed “momma’s boy”.

Diggs recently joined Spartan Nation Radio for an interview and he couldn't hide is excitement about the Spartans.

Diggs was lucky enough to grow up with a strong family life: “Just the way I was raised, I give all the credit to God and my mom”. His mom also gets the credit for Jordan being deeply involved with school. Diggs is a serious student who promised his mom he would bring home a college diploma. And now that Jordan is one year away from college, he truly realizes the value of his strong family: “My family means everything to me. It’s something you really can’t explain. It’s just that love… I feel like whichever school I choose, as long as my family’s comfortable with it, then that’ll make it even easier for me to adjust.”

           Off the field, Diggs is a “fun guy” and “always want[s] to make people laugh”. On the field, however, Diggs is an absolute monster. Jordan plays the safety position like a man possessed. Watching his highlight tape will make you cringe for opposing receivers. Diggs is not afraid to attack a wide receiver. “I like to smack people,” says Diggs. The way he smacks people is great to watch. He goes full speed into every hit, leveling any opposing player who stands in his way. The 6’0, 195 pound safety’s outstanding ability to hit has not escaped many scouts. So where does his ability to hit come from? Well, it goes back to God, and Pop Warner football too: “I give credit to God for being a talented guy: I give all my credit to God. But for me I would say it’s probably early on in my football career in Pop Warner, my first year of contact ball I played with a level up. I played with actually guys who were 11 and 12 when I was 10.”

Opposing quarterbacks have begun to recognize Diggs’ ability as well. In his sophomore year, Jordan racked up 62 tackles, three interceptions, one sack, and two fumble recoveries. During his junior campaign, Diggs recorded 53 tackles, two interceptions, and one sack. “At first, my sophomore year, quarterbacks came at me often.” Jordan said. “The more I started making plays, I feel like each quarterback once I nail them, kind of know who that guy is who they don’t want to throw to. So I guess I give credit to my play on the field.”

            Diggs’ game has been likened to Ray Lewis’, since both like to hit. However, Diggs does not do much trash talking: “I think that’s just the way we were raised. You just try not to talk too much trash and just get on the field and make plays,” Jordan explained. “I feel as if as long as I make plays, that will take care of the trash talking.” Still, Diggs is quite passionate on the field, especially when a teammate makes a mistake: “I’m so passionate about it out there when a guy makes a mistake, I’m the first guy who goes to him [and says]: “Hey, let it roll, let’s go.”

           So it has been established that Jordan is a good kid, hits hard, and plays like Ray Lewis. Does Diggs have any shortcomings? “I like to let them [receivers] catch the ball and lay down a big hit. I’m trying to work on getting the interceptions more often than not.” It is hard to call a lack of interceptions a shortcoming, since Diggs is not thrown to often at safety. Suffice to say, there are few weaknesses that Jordan possesses. Heck, he has even started programs for younger children. So when will this dynamite recruit sign with Michigan State?

           Hopefully soon. Jordan’s brother Jeremy Ware is definitely trying to get the youngster to don the Green and White of Spartan Nation. So far, Diggs is impressed about what Michigan State has to offer: “I love it. It’s nice. There are a lot of facilities, and I’ve been getting a great vibe from all the players, talking to some of the younger guys. It was great.” So why hasn’t Jordan committed yet? He is comfortable with being a part of MSU: “I’m comfortable with being a Spartan dog,” Diggs explained. “But I still kind of want to get out and see other places and not be in any kind of rush. That’s something Jeremy’s been telling me: take all five of my visits.” Jordan has already visited many schools in his home state of Florida, but has only been on one other out of state visit (to Ohio State) besides MSU. Diggs definitely has a lot of narrowing down to do. Reportedly, he has been offered scholarships by 25 schools. Some of those schools include Notre Dame, Nebraska, Ohio State, Stanford, and Tennessee.

           But fear not, Spartan fans. Jordan had a great time on his visit to Michigan State and loves the Green and White: “It’s still kind of early with me, getting out and visiting, but so far I love the Spartans.” Is his love is great enough to bring this great, talented kid to the welcoming arms of East Lansing.