Michigan State Offensive Lineman Matt Allen On Adjusting Under COVID-19

Hondo S. Carpenter

East Lansing, MI— The Michigan State Spartans despite COVID-19 safety protocols are steamrolling towards the September 5, 2020 opener against Northwestern. Matt Allen, the offensive lineman who comes from a family that is recognizable as Spartan royalty, talked about adjusting to the new and temporary normal of the COVID-19 restrictions.

“Yeah, this is definitely an odd situation, so it’s kind of tough to approach things, but I’m home with my brother Jack, my brother Brian is out in California getting rehab still; he got injured this past season, so he’s been rehabbing out in L.A. And then my parents are down in Florida, so it’s just been Jack and me at home. Jack’s been very helpful. We have little weight racks in our basement, and I’ve been working out on that like four days a week, and then I’ll go outside and usually do stuff on the field three days a week and then usually one more workout on the field. Yeah, usually one more workout on the field, and then that’s what I’ve been doing for the most part.”

Allen is a very talented player who will significantly benefit from the improved coaching coming on the offensive line.

That is good news for the new Spartan staff. If they are going to get to a bowl game, they have to get better play out of the line.

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