Michigan State Coordinator Scottie Hazelton On Coaching From Kansas

Hondo S. Carpenter

East Lansing, MI—As Michigan State defensive coordinator Scottie Hazelton puts the pieces of his new defense together, he has to juggle it uniquely. Because of the COVID-19 safety protocols, he is presently in Kansas, trying to build the Spartans back up. While it is something new, Hazelton is attacking it like he always has every obstacle in his life.

“Well, I’m in Kansas right now, and it’s kind of crazy, but it’s going smoother than I thought it would when I first heard we’re going to do this. It’s a deal where it’s great to be able to get them in a classroom setting, at least. I know that they’re all over the place; as coaches, we’re all over the place, but even if you meet as the staff, you know, you can watch it together you can go through, and you can talk ball with the position group or the whole defense. We have the ability to do that. I’m not that tech-savvy of a guy, you know, to be real, but it’s been a lot smoother than I thought it would be. I think that everyone has this challenge and I think that, here right now, I hope that we’re making the best of it. I feel like we’re starting to get in a position where we can talk ball with the guys, and they understand what we’re saying. And a lot of football, let’s be real, a lot of football is the communication they use with each other, and then we use with them, and if we can get that down, then it’s been a step ahead for whenever we do get on the field.”

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