Michigan State Football: A Playable Team in Madden NFL 21

McLain Moberg

In Madden NFL 21, the new version of the annual pro football game released by EA Sports, Michigan State fans will be able to play as their favorite school in a mode called "Face of the Franchise."

It will allow players to commit two seasons to college football at ten different schools, including Oklahoma, Nebraska, Clemson, Oregon, Miami, LSU, Florida, USC, and Texas, before taking part in the NFL draft.

EA Sports talked about the recent update to the college football landscape within Madden NFL 21, saying, "what starts off as a normal Signing Day ends with a dramatic twist after you don the hat of the school you've chosen to attend. Once you set foot on campus, the stakes get even higher as you not only have to deftly navigate a Quarterback controversy right out of the gate but also have to figure out how to appease your domineering, old school approach, newly minted Head Coach Red O'Brien – all while attempting to build your draft stock through two challenging seasons of college football AND win an College Football Playoff Championship (or two) along the way. As if that weren't enough, you're thrown out of your comfort zone and into disarray when Coach O'Brien delivers you an ultimatum – either switch positions to Running Back or Wide Receiver or pack your bags and take your chances in the NFL Draft!"

Previously, users picked between Florida State, Texas Tech, Miami, Oregon, USC, Clemson, Oklahoma, Texas, LSU, and Florida (in Madden NFL 20).

The game is set to release on August 25.

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