Michigan State’s Scottie Hazelton on the Defensive Staff

McLain Moberg

Defensive coordinator, Scottie Hazelton, is excited to be surrounded by guys who have been on the coaching staff previously, not just by their coaching abilities, but because they are good, hardworking people. 

"So just having a chance to sit down and talk to Coach Tressel and Coach Barnett, Coach Burton and Coach Els, just get to know them and just see how that room was really going to work because I think we're all mature enough guys, and kind of been in this business long enough that you would say, 'Listen if there's going to be some personality conflicts or things like that, you know, there's gonna be some clashes,'" said Hazelton.

"It's a hardworking environment for anybody, but when I got up here and with the deal, you know they're all great people, you know, they're great people first, which is nice because there's a lot of good knowledge of football and there's a lot of wisdom in that room now, and we can bounce ideas off each other."

To Hazelton, coming into a new environment starts with getting to know people and their personalities.

"I've been trying to call guys individually and maybe a FaceTime with them, and you have some meetings with them," Hazelton said. "But just to understand the people, I think that that's where it always starts, and generally if you come in a new situation you try to get some of the guys together and just get to know who they are and let them know who you are, you know because I think that that starts the lessons and learning."

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No. 1-1

I think MSU will end up having a great defense with all the coaching experience they have. Control the line of scrimmage and have great coverage technique. Defense wins championships !!