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Michigan State QB Andrew Maxwell in Full Command as QB & Captain!

Andrew Maxwell finally gets his chance put his big arm on display Friday under the lights at Spartan Stadium. Late last week as MSU wrapped up a successful
camp, Maxwell was given the nod by his teammates and declared a captain for his Spartan squad. Maxwell has never started a game. He has only seen the field in
mop-up duty, but the fourth year junior has displayed the patience and leadership needed to secure a place among his peers as a leader and the lone
offensive captain.

Andrew had this to say about the honor. “It is the biggest honor of my life. It is the biggest thing that has ever happened to me.” That very much sums up
the humble business like mentality that has endeared Andrew to his peers.

Maxwell had been biding his time for three years behind (current Redskin) Kirk Cousins. Andrew knows the MSU offense inside and out and has an opportunity to pick up right where Cousins left off. Like Cousins, Maxwell is extremely cerebral and knows the pressure that falls on a quarterback. The promotion to captain
was just another step in what would be considered around East Lansing a natural part of the process.

Andrew has the big arm, the height and even keel mentality needed to man his position. It is now time for Maxwell to take it all to the field and live up to the hype and expectations that have been mounting over the last three years while he waited his turn. It has been said that Andrew has great command of the huddle. Some
have hinted that Andrew is a better athlete than Kirk. Some have pointed to his feet while others have talked about the NFL caliber arm he possesses. Regardless of the hype and speculation, this is now Maxwell’s team. He spoke with us about taking the reigns of his MSU team. “I already felt like this was my team. I felt comfortable in that (role)…this is a little extra on top, but what an honor.”

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Andrew Maxwell has an opportunity to make a name for himself immediately starting the season with upset minded Boise State. He had this to say about the Broncos. “They play really well as a team. That’s the biggest thing that stands out to me. Their defense works so well… every position together. They disguise their coverages and their blitzes with their fronts. They’re really multiple with all that stuff.” Needless to say, Boise State is an opponent that will test Andrew’s
abilities to make checks and reads the moment the Spartans take their first snap. This is what college football is all about.

Maxwell will be counted on this season to win some close games. He is the beneficiary of a good punter (Mike Sadler) and a lights out defense. As long as Maxwell keeps his focus and plays within himself, he will be extremely successful. All eyes in East Lansing will be firmly pointed in Maxwell’s direction this weekend. We are all rooting for you Andrew. Good luck and congratulations!