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There are many perks of being a school affiliated with Nike. The old saying goes, ‘look good, play good’ for a reason. A football program’s swag helps with fan engagement, player engagement and recruiting engagement.

Michigan State has represented Nike uniforms since 2000, and has renewed their agreement multiple times. Their latest contract is set to expire in 2027, after it was renewed most recently in 2016 for 11 additional years.

Since 2000, Michigan State’s football uniforms have evolved to be modernistic, yet simplistic. Under head coach Mark Dantonio, the Spartans added a gold and bronze alternate uniform which fans loved. Of course, Dantonio also implemented the neon alternates, which are easily the most polarizing uniforms amongst fans.

Under head coach Mel Tucker, Michigan State has brought back several helmet combinations, including the block ‘S’, script ‘State’, ‘All Green’ and, of course, the fan-favorite ‘Gruff Sparty’ look.

So, what can Spartan fans expect this season? Will there be a new uniform introduced in 2022?

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There are a plethora of combinations for Tucker and MSU to choose from. Amongst the helmets, fans can expect to see each of the variations mentioned above at some point during the year.

As for the jerseys and pants combinations, the traditional green and white uniforms will be worn for the majority of games, but Michigan State likes to throw out several combinations throughout the season. The neon alternates will surely make an appearance, to the joy of some fans and the chagrin of others.

This offseason, there has been a buzz on social media of fans clambering for a black uniform alternate, similar to what the basketball team has had. Don’t count on that happening this coming season, but it could definitely be in the works. Tucker is always plugged in on social media, and the head coach is keen on letting fans have a say in what the team wears.

Having Ohio State at home is an opportunity for Michigan State to break out a new uniform combination, or reviving an old jersey from the vault. The Spartans playing rival Michigan on the road could result in a new or unique helmet choice, but its not likely the MSU breaks out a new uniform.

While uniform combinations are the last thing Tucker is thinking about at the moment, with fall camp in full swing, fans are still eager to see what new looks are in store for the Spartans this season.