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This morning, during ESPN’s College GameDay, the pregame show discussed the candidates for the Heisman Trophy, and analyst David Pollack was adamant that one guy was easily the frontrunner.

“I think Kenneth Walker is clearly the best player in college football,” Pollack said. “If you took him off this team, they’re at least a three-loss team. He is that sensational. He’s got the ‘wow’ factor, he makes you miss. He can do everything.”

Pollack’s impassioned claim came in response to his counterparts, Desmond Howard and Kirk Herbstreit, stating that there was no clear favorite for the Heisman. Howard went as far as saying he was struggling to fill all three spots on his Heisman ballot.

“It’s such a lackluster race, that I’m trying to find three guys that I feel strongly about that I want to put on the ballot,” Howard said. Which, to me, is not what the Heisman race is about. We shouldn’t be trying to search guys and look up statistics. We need somebody to that’s going to take control of this award.”

Herbstreit agreed with Howard, and then turned to the defensive side of the ball to point out who he would vote for today.

“I don’t really have anybody at this point. If CJ Stroud goes crazy today, he’s probably going to take a step. If Kenneth Walker goes crazy, maybe he does. Bryce Young has the Auburn game, the SEC Championship game,” Herbstreit said.

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“Will Anderson, to me, on Alabama, would probably be the guy I’d probably put on my ballot right now, because he’s so dominant of a player.”

That’s when Pollack stepped in.

“I respect the heck out of both of you two, but I disagree strongly,” Pollack said. “Kenneth Walker can earn the Heisman Trophy today, if he does it on a big stage. But, to me, he is clear away the best player in college football.”

Pollack then expressed frustration, saying that if Walker played for more of a “name-brand” school, he’d be regarded differently.

“If Kenneth Walker played for Ohio State, or if Kenneth Walker played for Alabama or Georgia, he’d easily be No. 1 – Without a doubt,” Pollard said. “If he played for those other teams, he’d be the frontrunner.”

According to Caesars Sportsbook, Alabama quarterback Bryce Young currently has the best odds to win the Heisman, at 9-5. The odds for Buckeye quarterback CJ Stroud are 5-2, while the odds for Walker are set at 14-5.