Michigan State vs. Minnesota Golden Gopher Scouting Report and Prediction

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Michigan State vs. Minnesota Golden Gopher Scouting Report and Prediction

MSU @ WISC 09 3 BM



A look at this week’s opponent…

The Gophers are struggling, and with issues inside the program, there are finally whispers for Brewster to get fired. I have said since they hired him that is was a poor choice and the longer he stays, remarkably the smarter I look.



When MSU has the ball…

The Spartans won’t change anything that they do. The Gophers are not tricky. They line up and come at you. The Spartans best bet to get the Gophers knocked out early is to go to the air.


The Chippewas showed earlier in the year how to beat the Spartans. They need to load the box to stop the run, and defend the long pass. In the CMU game, the Spartans did not adjust with short-range passes, such as bubble screens and using the tight ends. If the Gophers follow the example of the Chippewas, the Spartans will not make the same mistake twice. If the staff allows this battle to the air, the Spartans have career type days.


At night, in what you would think would be an electric atmosphere, the Spartans won’t hurt themselves, and they will try to establish a power running game. They will eat the clock up and dominate the TOP (time of possession).


When MSU is on defense…

With the loss of one of the nation’s best WRs, the Spartans will sell out to attack the Minnesota two QB set. The Spartans are fortunate to have played Michigan already and their similar two QB set.


Although Weber is a better passer, Gray has the wheels. If the world were perfect, we would only face Weber. It isn’t, and I expect Gray to give us issues. With that said, the Spartans will try to force MN to the air. They should be able to with no problem and contain them




There are two big ones for this game, one for both schools.



Many feel that the Spartans are emotionally spent, down, and defeated. That is not the case. This team played their best game of the season against Iowa. There were no hung heads or depression this week.


The Spartans know they played well, and they know that if they play that way the rest of the season, they can win the remaining four. They are ready.


Mark Dantonio removed two RBs this week from the team. I think he did the right thing and sent a message to the others on this team that you have obligations and responsibilities. He proved with Arthur Ray that he keeps his and they have them also. You have to do things the right way. He sent a message that resonated loud and clear to the remaining players. 



With an embattled coach and great fans that have sold something they aren’t getting, this won’t end well.  Just like Illinois, I expect the crowd to turn (not on the kids), but the staff if the Spartans start fast.



This Spartan team is more ready, in my opinion, for this game than any other this season. They played their guts out last week and they want to play.


This was not a good time for the Gophers to draw them, and I think MSU wins running away. MSU 31 Minnesota 17.