Monster OT Poet Thomas Is Getting Attention From All Around the Nation Including Michigan State

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On an NFL squad, blindside Offensive Tackle is typically the 2nd highest paid player on the roster, right behind the Quarterback they are protecting. The big athletic
guys on the offensive line that assume this position can thank former New York Giant great Lawrence Taylor for the pay increase. Coaches in the college ranks, including Mark Dantonio, are using this circumstance to help sell potential athletes on suiting up for their programs.

The latest Spartan recruit to see this tactic is Poet Thomas of Beverly Hills, Michigan. The Detroit Country Day High School product is bigger than most linemen coming out of the prep ranks, standing at a towering 6’6” 290 pounds. Thomas is considered a gentle giant; he believes in being nice to everyone, unless it’s on the field of course. Spartan Nation spoke with him recently about his situation.

“Coach [Brad] Salem, we talk and I’m starting to know him a little bit better,” said Thomas. “The have really been pushing for me to come to camp. I’ve been talking to coach [Mark] Staten too, gotten to know him and he’s into religion too and that was one key thing that I was looking for.”

Michigan State is not the only top program recruiting Thomas. He has already been offered multiple scholarships and has many more in hot pursuit of this cant miss talent.  With so many options available, Thomas is going to take his time when it comes to making a decision on what uniform he wants to wear on Saturday’s.

“We don’t like that some kids are committing before they even go to see the other places,” explained Thomas. “Simply because you are not giving the other schools a chance to see what they have to offer, so it’s definitely going to be after I have some visits, look around, see what other people have to offer and a meet coaches I haven’t yet. I want to take my six visits.”

What makes Thomas different from most kids his age? He understands that his decision to sign a letter of intent is a four to five year commitment to a University, not just a quick stop-through. “I’m going to take my visits and [my decision] wont come out until after football season,” said Thomas. “A lot of it will have to do with
what God pushes me toward. I want to make sure this is going to be the right decision for me because I’m going to be there for four to five years and I have
to love it. I can’t go there for one year and not like it. “

Thomas also wants to make sure that the NFL is on the minds of whatever coaching staff he commits his services to. He has made it clear that after he receives his degree, he would like to play at the next level. Thomas will arrive in East Lansing on June 15th for camp. He hopes to leave with a scholarship offer in hand.

“I really hope [I get an offer],” said Thomas. “That would be great, and that’s all I will say there.”