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MSU at Purdue: Week 9, 2005

Coming into Ross Aide stadium, our MSU Spartans needed a victory to become bowl eligible, and more importantly, to salvage a season that could easily spiral out of control. Clearly this program expected to be better than 5-3 at this time and clearly it should be.

Joe Tiller’s Boilermakers have suffered thru a pathetic 2-6 record, but with all of the talent on this team, could pose a challenge to MSU. The analysis really comes down to how does MSU play. If MSU plays its game with high execution and if Coach Smeland lets his defense actually play defense and not ballroom dancing, MSU should win this game. If MSU plays a soft defense and allows Purdue to stay in the game, then it should be a long day for our Spartans.

With the band on hand and the temperature at a nice and cool 59 degrees, it was certainly a great day for football. Watching Matt Haughey (hoy), nicknamed by MSU head coach John “Lansing” Smith as Chips Ahoy, kick in the pre-game, he and his fellow Spartans looked ready for the game. I was not in the locker room, but if the Purdue fans were any indication of the Boilermakers attitude than they weren’t ready.

The Spartans took the opening kickoff to their 31. Stanton came out ready to get his team bowl eligible and ready to set the season up for a great finish. It didn’t take long for MSU to march down the field for the TD on a pass from Stanton to Teague. The PAT was good by Chips Ahoy and with 13:23 left in the 1st quarter it was 7-0 MSU!

Painter and his Boilermakers started their first drive of the game at their own 32. Painter, a sophomore, had taken over for Kirsch. He is a QB with a gun for an arm. Painter drove his Boilermakers down to the MSU 25, but on a critical 3rd down he had a TD strike that was broken up on a great play by SirDarean Adams. Purdue missed the field goal and MSU got the ball for their second drive at their own 25. MSU was unable to do anything as the turf was literally in the way, and they had to punt. Purdue would start their next possession at their own 36.

The Boilermakers shifted and MSU did not adjust. That led to a quick TD run for Void. The PAT was good and with 8:13 left in the 1st quarter, very quickly the Boilermakers tied the game at 7. MSU got the ball to start the next drive at their own 20 with a great Purdue kick.

Stantonbrought out his guys and surveyed the Boiler defense. On the previous drive, center Chris Morris had literally removed a huge chunk of the terrible turf. Stanton led his team and capped off a nice drive with his own 1-yard TD run. The PAT by Chips Ahoy was good and with 5:32 left in the 1st quarter, the score was MSU 14 and Purdue 7.

After a futile possession by the Boilers, MSU got the ball and drove right back down the field. MSU got as far as the Purdue 9, but the offense was unable to put it in for the TD. On came Chips Ahoy for a 26 yard FG and he missed it wide right. The pitiful MSU kicking issues continued as none of the kickers or punters have played well this season. The Boilers again stumbled and the Spartans got the ball at the Boilers 34, after an Eric Smith great punt return. Unfortunately for the Spartan Nation, MSU got 2 false start penalties in a row to push them to the 44 with a 1st and 20. MSU got yet another penalty, however, when they picked up a holding penalty on Kellen Davis. MSU now had a 2nd and 24 at their own 48. Sadly, the undisciplined Spartans got yet another penalty for a false start and it was now 2nd and 29 AT THEIR OWN 47. Pathetic! John L. Smith instantaneously became Steve Mariucci and ran, yes boys and girls, RAN on 2nd and 29! ABSURD! On 4th and 24, MSU got yet another, yes that is right ANOTHER, false start penalty. This time it was declined, and Purdue thankfully took the ball at their own 20. That single drive showed us that this team was not ready to play today, and the coaching staff did not have them prepared. That was stupid and piss poor performance. Whether or not MSU wins, this shows us a team that is not ready to win a big game. Ridiculous!

Both teams showed absolutely nothing on offense and exchanged the ball. With 7:02 left in the 2nd quarter, the Boilers got the ball at the MSU 30 to begin a drive to try to tie the game. The Boilers wasted no time as they connected for the 39-yard TD strike. The PAT was good and with 6:54 left in the 2nd quarter, the score was tied at 14.

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After some unimpressive offense from both teams, Painter was able to drive his Boilers to a 2nd and goal at the 8 with 29 seconds left. SirDarean Adams crushed Painter and he fumbled. David Herron, Jr., picked up the ball, he fumbled, and Eric Smith picked it up for the TD. Chips Ahoy hit the PAT and at the half the score was MSU 21 and Purdue 14. As the half came to an end with a 14-point turn around, maybe momentum had swung for the poor playing Spartans.

As the 2nd half began, the Boilers had the ball and the mist and rain continued. Painter led his Boilers all the way down to a 1st and 10 at the MSU 11. The Boilermakers ran on 1st down for a 9-yard gain to the 2. Up the middle on 2nd down got them nothing. On 3rd down, the Boilers came out in the I and scored the TD as MSU failed to rotate the bandit over. The PAT was good and with 9:39 left in the 3rd quarter the game was tied at 21 with all the momentum to the Boilermakers. The drive lasted 5:31 and it lasted 14 plays. MSU got the ball and drove right down the field to the Boilermakers 25. Rather than go for the field goal, they went for it and the pass was incomplete. The Boilers got the ball back at their own 25. The 3rd quarter came to an end with the Boilermakers facing a 3rd and 1 from their own 44. Momentum was clearly on the side of the Boilermakers who had avoided bad decisions and played within their system. The plethora of bad play calls on defense primarily, but also offense, had given the Boilermakers a chance to accomplish something. MSU had 108 yards rushing thru the 3rd quarter and 140 in passing. The Boilermakers had 170 yards rushing thru the 3rd quarter and 206 in passing. As the 4th quarter began, the Spartans had to save the sinking season and get a win. The Boilermaker drive culminated with a nice TD run from the 6 and the PAT was good. So with 13:45 left in the 4th quarter, it was 28-21 Purdue. Painter was playing like an experienced QB and not a sophomore with no experience. The Purdue coaches were simply out-coaching the Spartan staff.

MSU could accomplish nothing or block anything in its next drive, and they had to punt the ball. The Boilermakers took possession at their own 27. The Boilermakers came out looking to add to its 7-point lead. 9:42 was left in the 4th quarter as they came out. They exchanged the ball with the MSU offense for the rest of the game and that is how it ended.

MSU officially is spiraling and this overpaid coaching staff is getting its lunch handed to it on a regular basis. I can tell all of you, that for the first time, this is a regime that is out of control not for its players, but its staff.


Offense: Players get a C

Defense: Players get a C+

Special Teams: F

Coaching: F

This is a loss that every Spartan should be embarrassed of. Feel sympathy for these kids!