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MSU QB Brian Hoyer Sums the Cal Game Up Best: “We Gave This One Away”

MSU QB Brian Hoyer Sums the Cal Game Up Best: “We Gave This One Away”


That sums it up. This game hurts. It is one thing to lose to a more talented team and to have played well doing it. It hurts, but there is a sense of pride going back to pee-wee for a lot of people. For the Spartan Nation you need only go back to George Perles. Perles was always telling his kids, “If you play your best with 100% effort we can leave proud.”


Well, if you agree with the Spartan Nation legend on that thought (and I do) then the Spartans left Cal early this morning not very proud. They played poorly. This one was on the players. This was not a coaches' loss.


Long time readers or viewers on TV know that I am not afraid to be critical of the staff, but this wasn't, “Their bad.” The right plays were called. They simply weren't made. Brian Hoyer was not great, but judging by my email, I have to say he wasn't even close to as bad as people say.


He made a poor decision not throwing the ball away with more gusto on a costly red zone interception, but that was also his only interception and there were numerous dropped balls. To be honest I have not seen the tape. I am still in Cal and will watch it tonight, but I think he made good progressions and didn't get a lot of help from the OL. He made some great reads to get rid of the ball, in fact he didn't get sacked once. I can tell you that it wasn't because he didn't have pressure, Cal was as aggressive on him as some young men on their first prom date.


The right formations were called. I thought Don Treadwell did an incredible job setting Cal up with his calling scheme only to see a receiver drop a ball or someone miss a block. If you're a State fan, you are still excited by this staff and their coaching. You are still proud of our kids, but this loss is all on them. Dantonio won't say that. He will do the win and lose as a team speech (as would I) but the players know it. Their heads were down waiting for the bus after the game and they should be.


That is OK. I told you all in the scouting report on Friday that this team concerned Mark because when you have so many young players, they make young players' mistakes. Is there anyone in the Spartan Nation that doesn't see a much improved team from at least the talent level? Of course not.


This loss hurts because it was one we could have had. It hurts because we can see the Spartan Nation getting back to where it should be. It hurts because those same kids that cost themselves a game, didn't quit and whether you were at Cal or sitting in a Lazy Boy anywhere in the country you were proud that they kept fighting.


Young players make young players' mistakes. We know that. Young players also get mad and quit. That isn't these Spartans. We have been working on video and I have not had a chance to read any media analysis of this game. I will say this. Somebody will rip the Spartans today and talk about how things have to change, yadda, yadda, yadda. Let me say this. Things are already changing.


Where are the plethora of seniors that most teams have to lead? Oh yea, we don't have that many. I said that MSU would lose and they did. I didn't see them going cross country with a young team and winning. They played young.

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The defense just got tired and when guys are tired they make mistakes. Especially young players. This team fought. I am not proud of the outcome. I am not satisfied with another loss by seven or less. In fact Brian Hoyer, Otis and Javon got angry hearing that again (Click on the Hondo's House ICON on the right and see for yourself).


I am proud of a great game plan. The coaches had a plan to win and it had been executed by the players they would have won. I am proud of the fact that when they made a mistake (or multiple) on national TV they didn't fold. They fought.


This win hurts. This win (at least for readers of was expected. This season is far from over. I will leave Cal upset. I will leave Cal mad. Spartan football is in my blood. I will also leave proud. Proud that the quitters demon has been exercised from MSU football. Proud to know that this team is taking steps.


Keep making these mistakes and I won't be proud. I can truly say you could see the progress if you looked. It wasn't pretty and it wasn't easy to find. That is what is the juxtapose here. You get mad because you see them beating themselves. You also can see how far they have come in 13 games. The ying and the yang.


We have a great staff. We have a good and talented team. We have a young team. This team will still get to eight wins and be better than last season in my opinion. This team won't take steps back on progress made. That still doesn't make losing easy. It is however a balm.


My father was notorious for telling me after a loss, “Good losers are losers!.” What he meant was be a gentleman, but don't ever let it stop hurting. I made a comment to some of the media after the game and they all agreed with me. One bright light of hope was in the past after any loss, the players would be laughing and joking in a hurry to get out to the frats and bars to get drunk. It was like, OK I played a game let's get trashed. I can assure the entire Spartan Nation of this.


As bad as you hurt, as bad as you feel they feel the same. These guys are mad. These guys know that they lost. I feel sorry for Eastern Michigan and my friend Coach Genyk. There is a beat down coming. This is a good team that is hurt emotionally. Next Saturday will not be a pretty sight for EMU. The good that can come from this is anger. There is nothing wrong with anger if it is managed and controlled. It will be, until it gets unleashed next Saturday.


I will say this. If the Spartans play this poorly in two weeks against Florida Atlantic they will not win. That is a talented team and the Spartans now have to move forward.


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