MSU vs. Hawaii: Week 2, 2005

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The weather was burning hot, but it couldn’t hold a candle to the Spartan Nation fire for this game. The crowd, fired up by the earlier loss of the Michigan Wolverines, was ready for action. All week the barbs got tossed from MSU to Hawaii and it was time to get it on. Javon Ringer really needed to step it up for this game. The true freshman moved up the depth chart to the #2 back with the suspension of the much-maligned Jason Teague. I must confess that the loss of Teague is not a big deal to me, as I am not excited to even have him on this team because of his off the field issues.

Hawaii won the toss, took the ball and the game was on. Brandon Fields opened the game with a touchback and the Rainbows started at the 20. It was three and out for the Rainbows as the Spartans stood unfazed by a spread offense that they see daily in practice. After a nice return by Kyle Brown, the Spartans began their first series on their own 49.

The Spartans wasted no time, driving 51 yards in 6 plays (3 pass/3 rush), the last being an 8-yard run for the TD by Javon Ringer. The Spartans had a 7-0 lead with 11:28 remaining in the first quarter.

Fields once again nailed a touchback and again the Rainbows began from their own 20. The Rainbows marched to the MSU 15 but couldn’t punch it in, and missed the 32-yard field goal. So, the Spartans began the second drive of the game at their own 20.

The Spartans began their drive for seven more from the 20. They marched the 80 yards for the score, finishing with a 20-yard Stanton to Love TD pass. The drive covered 4:12 and encompassed 11 plays. Fields kick as a boomer that the Rainbows brought out to the 21. The Rainbows however held on the play and they started at their own 11.

They drove down the field and into MSU territory, but could get nothing accomplished so MSU began on their own fifteen with thirteen minutes plus, left in the second quarter.

MSU wasted no time behind the gun slinging of Stanton to March the 85 yards in 5 plays, finished with a 54 yard TD pass from Stanton to Matt Trannon. John Goss completed his third PAT of the afternoon and with 11:19 in the second quarter; it was MSU 21, the Rainbows 0! Gotta love it baby!

After a feeble attempt to play some offensive football (three and out), the Rainbows tried a fake punt (from their own 25) and the Spartans intercepted the pass to start at the Rainbow 42. Quickly (2 plays/:53 seconds) the Spartans marched the forty-two yards, accented by a Javon Ringer 41-yard TD run. Goss hit the PAT (his fourth) and with 8:50 in the second quarter, it was MSU 28 and the Rainbows 0!

After once again proving that they were completely unprepared to play, the Rainbows after three and out and a halo violation on the punt put the Spartans at the Rainbow 28 to start the drive. The Spartans ended with a fourth and two, and to accentuate the bad blood in this game, they went for it. Stanton was stopped and the Rainbows began their next drive from their own 19.

The Spartans began their final drive of the first half from their own 12. They made it as far as the 33 but had to punt. The rainbows began the final drive from their own twenty as Fields boomed a 67-yard punt. The second quarter ended 28-0 MSU!

Here are the halftime statistics:


Main Rushers:

Ringer had 5 carries for 60 yards and two TD’s. His longest was 41 yards and he averaged 12 yards per carry.

Jehuu Caulcrick had seven carries for 24 yards. His longest was seven yards for an average of 3.4 yards per carry.


Jerramy Scott had 4 receptions for 55 yards. His longest was 27.

Kyle Brown had 3 receptions for 37 yards and his longest was 21.

Matt Trannon had 2 receptions for 61 yards and one TD, his longest was 54.

Terry Love had 2 receptions for 42 yards, a TD and his longest was 22.

Special Teams:

Goss had 4 successful PAT’s and Fields had one punt for 67 yards!

MSU began the second half from their own twenty. The 80-yard (8 plays/3:12) drive for a TD culminated in a 20 yard Stanton to Scott TD. Goss, once again hit the PAT. Make it 35-0 State with 11:48 left in the third quarter.

Finally in the third quarter, the Rainbows scored a TD. Helped by some MSU penalties they limped to their first score of the game. The PAT was good, and with 5:45 in the third it was MSU 35-7.

Ushering in the fourth quarter, the Rainbows took the ball down the field for a TD. It was 10 plays and it was a 67-yard drive. Once again the PAT was good, making it 35-14 MSU with 13:58 left in the game.

The game however took a unique turn when the old Gunslinger (Coach Lansing) rolled the dice by keeping Stanton in the game. No let me say that I disagreed with him playing Stanton , but it is his team and his call. When asked later at his post game press conference why Stanton was left in, he said, “We wanted to make sure we got the ball in the end zone there at the end…fifty is not enough on these guys to where you feel comfortable unless you have a minute left.” When Stanton took a late hit, all the breath in the Stadium was gone, as collectively 74,000 people waited. Stanton later described lying there with the throbbing pain going up his leg and his fears that it was a serious injury by saying “My Mom would have probably yelled at me if I stayed there any longer. She always tells me to get up, so her heart starts beating again.” Well Mrs. Stanton’s heart as well the other 74,000 people did and Drew hobbled back to the bench. That, my friend, is not unfortunately the rest of the story to the bizarre ending of this game.

Later in the drive, OG Kyle Cook was involved in a skirmish that ended with his helmet being ripped off. Stanton came running from the bench and was flagged for leaving the bench with a personal foul. Stanton had to stay in the game however for one more play, if he had not, then he would have been suspended for one game by the NCAA for leaving the bench, thus punishing MSU by not having him against Notre Dame next week in South Bend .

The Spartans’ next play, Javon Ringer ran for a TD and Stanton tried to be an OT and get a lick on a Rainbow player (foolishly) and with Goss hitting the PAT we found our Spartans up 42-14. That was the final score.

Here are the final stats and grades:



Main Rushers:

Ringer had 10 carries for 84 yards and 3TD’s. He averaged 8.8 yards per carry.

Jehuu Caulcrick had 20 for 91 yards. He averaged 4.4 yards per carry.


Jerramy Scott had 6 receptions for 85 yards and 1 TD. His longest was 27.

Kyle Brown had 6 receptions for 72 yards and his longest was 21.

Matt Trannon had 2 receptions for 61 yards and 1 TD. His longest was 54.

Terry Love had 4 receptions for 64 yards, 1 TD and his longest was 22.

Kerry Reed had 2 receptions for 15 yards. His longest was 10.


Stanton was 21 of 26 (81%) for 301 yards and 3 TD’s.

Special Teams:

Goss had 6 successful PAT’s and Fields had two punts and his longest was for 67 yards!

DEFENSE (significant)
S. Adams 12 tackles 1 sack (looked awesome)

E. Smith 6 tackles

J. Hayes 5 tackles

G. Cooper 5 tackles

D. Williams 4 tackles

K. Thornhill 4 tackles

A. Watson 4 tackles

M. Bazemore 3 tackles

D. Herron, Jr. 2 tackles 1 sack

O. Wiley 2 tackles

David Stanton 2 tackles

E. Andino 1 sack

J. Kershaw 1 sack


Final Grades:

Offense:Â A- Stagnant in the second half, but looks good.

Defense:Â B+ had pressure and looked good all day.

Special Teams:Â A+

Coaching: C Great game plan and the team was ready, but leaving Stanton in late was a nightmare that could have been as huge as him getting injured on punt coverage in the bowl game. Without the Stanton mistake, it would have been an A, but that could have cost us our whole season.