MSU vs. Kent State: Week 1, 2005 - Random Thoughts

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  • Bobby Jones is a real asset; most of all he hustles every play and doesn’t take plays off. For a 300# man, he is in constant pursuit and plays until the whistle. He has a learning curve to adjust to Big Ten football, but he is a player.
  • It was great to see the special teams demonstrating good coaching. I watched on three occasions guys calling out signals DURING the play and guys listened and played smart. Coach Lansing is the special teams coach, and he has done well.
  • Our kicking game gives me great concern. Let’s hope it gets settled soon.
  • Javon Ringer as I have said all spring is the real deal, and although Smith would love not to use him, he has to. He is really that good.
  • For the first time in a long time, it was great to see a MSU backup getting some quality playing time, as a QB. Hoyer got the cast majority of the 4th quarter. Props to Coach Lansing.
  • Hoyer is going to be a fine MSU QB. He isn’t Drew, but Drew wasn’t Smoker…remember?
  • The offensive line was great, but I won’t mention him now, but one in particular seemed to be out of shape and dragging. All the rest, (including backups seemed better than I have seen in a long time from and MSU line this early in the season.
  • The MSU consecutive sell out streak ended at 39. We still had over 73,000 but with the new addition, we failed a sell out.
  • I love the new press box and tower, but I wish we could hear the crowd and band. (Maybe we can, and I was unaware of how I could, I will check into that)
  • The staff of MSU did a phenomenal job for the first time the new tower was used for a game.
  • I feel good that I rated this team in the Spartan Nation top twenty-five as number fifteen, and I am not going to get overly excited because it was Kent State, but I am excited.
  • Doug Martin (interviewed on Hondo’s House) is a good coach, and is a name that you need to put in the back of your mind; you will hear his name again.
  • I am glad that this game is over; I have been waiting for this rematch with Hawaii. I hope we can, and do run the score up on these !@#$%^&! I have NEVER in my 34 years of life ever blamed a loss on the officials that was the first. June (I have no pride) Jones should have been a man and ripped those refs. It was a disgrace to the game of football and I hope that the ole’ Cowboy rips them a new one.