My Thoughts from Here at Super Bowl 42

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The tears in the Spartan Nation’s Plaxico Burress eyes told it all after the game. The New York Football Giants completed what is the second greatest upset in NFL history (Broadway Joe’s Super Bowl win #1) by sending Tom Brady and his coach Bill BeliCHEAT home losers.

Burress guaranteed the win earlier in the week by saying that the Giants would win 23-17. Brady took exception by saying, “He said we would only score 17?” Yes, Tom he did, and it worked out that Burress had to apologize to his teammates by giving the Pats to much credit.

Here are some observations from the game here tonight:


  1. You can’t underestimate the toughness of Brady. I am not sure how visible it was to all of you at home, but he was beat up tonight by the Giants. They simply pinned their ears back and laid a whippin’ on him all night. Not counting the five sacks, he was knocked down an amazing 18 times. Unlike some of you who hate Brady for being a UM guy, he was extremely classy after the game with his comments and once again reiterated why he is as classy as his coach is classless.
  2. Again I am unsure of what you all saw at home, but with :01 left in the game, BeliCHEAT ran off the field. When the ref called the teams back he didn’t come back on the field. He was told when he hugged Coughlin that the game was not over, but he chose to once again do it his way.
  3. Favorite comment of the night? One NFL player was joking that he wondered if BeliCHEAT was video tapping the celebration?
  4. You can love or hate the Manning’s (I for one like them) but Peyton and Eli’s genuine love for one another says a lot about their parents and their relationship.
  5. Back to back Manning MVP’s and Super Bowl wins. One NFL player joked to me, “Any chance we can buy the rights to draft either one of them (Peyton or Eli’s) Manning’s kids?”
  6. How many of you will email me and give me props, considering all the email I received for predicting a Giants win on my TV show?
  7. Any other Lions fans find it amazing that R.W. McQuarters wasn’t good enough to stay a Lion, but was a big contributor to the Super Bowl Champions? Just asking!
  8. I wonder what all the pundits who cried that the game had passed Coughlin by will say now? May I suggest…sorry?
  9. I hope the Lions saw that the Giants won tonight with OL and DL. PLEASE fix the areas that win championships.
  10. The Giants had four rookies (Yes, from the 07’ draft) contribute. Did the Lions (who had considerably better position) even have four rookies make the team? I know the answer and it isn’t real good. The Lions have to fix their scouting department before they can even think of making the leap.
  11. Wes Welker is a great player and a better person. He reminds me of the Lions Mike Furrey in a lot of ways. He tied a Super Bowl record tonight with 11 catches. That guy is a warrior.

Interesting note not about the game?

I talked with a lot of NFL people today, and the biggest topic, before and during the first half was talk about spygate. One NFL official with a team told me, “If they had video of the Rams before that Super Bowl, I think Goodell (We call him GODell here on Spartan Nation) he will get a big time suspension.” How big I asked, “I would guess AT LEAST a year.”

This is what NFL people are talking about, and I have a feeling we are going to see a lot of talk about this as the off season ensues.

I will see you all at 6 p.m. on Monday on ABC 3!