News and Notes From Spartan Football…

Hondo S. Carpenter

News and Notes From Spartan Football…


  • I was contacted by email and text and told that last Friday someone in the media predicted that the MSU Board of Trustees would intervene in the Glenn Winston situation. I was told that they (media) predicted Glenn Winston would be gone from the team if not by that day Friday, at least by today (Monday). I can tell you for a fact if anyone said that, they are wrong. Glenn Winston is on this team and unless he does something again, he isn’t going anywhere as long as all things expected from all the players are carried out. That isn’t a prediction. That is a fact.
  • I have been inundated with email asking me to clarify if Glenn Winston will be further punished? Well he was away from the team for seven months and was suspended four games. There is no further punishment. He is back and although I don’t see him with a chance to win the RB starters job, he could be a factor again on kickoffs. Dantonio acknowledged as much already for the kickoff role.
  • Larry Caper is all that was expected. In fact Joe Rexrode and I will were talking and both felt like he looked a lot like Rashard Mendenhall. He has all of the tools and will surprise a lot of people. He is a stud.
  • That isn’t to say Edwin “Rock” Baker isn’t. I had concerns coming into the fall with his knee. Those are gone he told me, “I am 100%.”
  • Someone forgot to give Adam Decker the memo that he was supposed to sit back and let the freshman take over at LB. He looks big, strong and although he never needs extra motivation (Decker is a great kid) he has dug down deep and brought more to the table.
  • Nate Klatt the freshman from Ohio has made a lot of people take some second looks. The highly valued prize recruit has looked fantastic. It is nearly impossible for a true freshman under this staff to play as a freshman. He is already the second center and that will almost certainly get him reps. If Nitchman can stay healthy ideally they would red shirt him. Football is a violent game and not always ideal.
  • We wrote about Brendon Moss before the season and his quest in his senior year to earn the starting RT job. He is number one right now and for those who thought he would run out of steam, you’re wrong. Moss has practiced well every day and is playing very well. He and DJ Young will battle for that job, but clearly Moss as of right now has the edge.
  • Ideally Coach Dantonio would not like to see Brett Swenson kickoff. Dan Conroy (who we have talked about for months) is having a good camp. Today at the scrimmage will be a big test for him. They would love not to have to burn a red shirt on new kicker Kevin Muma and to see Conroy win the job. His kicks have looked good, but he will be judged in live sets meaning scrimmages.
  • Donald Spencer a freshman WR who got some work with the DBs in the spring, had on a green jersey recently. He could play both ways. I can tell you this, he had incredible hands and certainly there is an adjustment to college. With that said he could cover a multitude of drops with his talent.
  • Tyler Hoover is interesting to me. Great kid and a big fast and talented kid. I watched him specifically in drills recently and all you heard from Coach Gill was praise for his pad level. If he can keep them down, look out. As big as he is, can you imagine the pass rush and getting his hands up to block passes? Drew Naymick Jr.? OK not fair, Hoover has weight, but you get the point.
  • J’Michael Deane is out of his boot and practicing. He and Jared McGaha will battle for that RG spot. If he can stay healthy, Deane has the edge, but that isn’t a slam on McGaha. Don’t forget the name Chris McDonald either. He has all the tools to be a star when his time is up.
  • Mark Dantonio continues to show why his players love him. Here we are in the middle of the dog days, his guys are tired already and last night? He took the seniors to the Country Club for dinner. Classy.


I put up a ton of video this weekend, so make sure you watch and catch up. Simply click on the Hondo’s House ICON on the left and enjoy.

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