Nichol Sings Boomer Sooner!

Hondo S. Carpenter

Nichol Sings Boomer Sooner

I think that all of Spartan Nation was disappointed as they learned that Keith Nichol had de-committed to MSU and offered his commitment to Oklahoma University. I am confident in saying that Nichol was the finest QB I have ever seen play high school football; it is frustrating to know that he will leave our backyard in search of greener pastures.

Certainly, I am just as disappointed as many of you are. However, it is wrong to attack Keith on this decision. Who can blame a 17 year old teenager for choosing a perennial power over a school which looks to be in rebuilding mode? In the end, it wasn't anyones decision but his; we, as the media and fans, no matter how many times we shared our excitement with him, had anything to do with this decision.

In the end, the Nichol family made a choice about where Keith would succeed the most. In doing so it does not diminish him as a kid or as an athlete. Keith is a wonderful role model and will succeed anywhere he goes.

Keith is a very intelligent teenager; he is also the most gifted high school athlete that I have ever seen. I watched him throw passes with touch that is a rare trait in any quarterback. An former NFL scout who now works with a BCS school told me that: "...I know NFL QB's right now without that touch." However, now we can only think of what might have been. Just like everyone else, I too had dreams of watching Keith leading us to winning TD's over Michigan on our march to the Rose Bowl. Alas, it was just not meant to be.

In the end, Nichol made a choice to go to an elite school. He will come in and immediately compete for playing time and national championships. Do I personally feel that MSU is better choice? Of course I do. However, do I see why he made the choice? Yes. I am disappointed; however, I am not terrified. 

At MSU we have a great young gun in Brian Hoyer. Further, MSU has never lacked the ability to recruit great quarterbacks. Therefore, I can explain my disappointment, but I and MSU are nowhere near defeated.

I really hope that Keith has a great career at OU and beyond. I reported weeks ago that we were in danger of losing him. People sent me emails that he was at a MSU game and how he loved MSU, they even said I was making up the chance of losing him so I coudl attack Simon. These people did not understand the possibility of losing him. Today, Keith is gone. He is still a great QB, but not one that will play for MSU. Yet, in the end, it was just one battle, not a war. I wish Keith well; he is from our State and I will follow his career closely. He is a classy individual who deserves support from those who have always supported him. OU sold their program better; they won this one. Now I just hope we can meet up with OU in a bowl someday and show Keith what a great opportunity he missed out on. Until then though, good luck Keith and Go State!