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Notes from today’s first Spartan football practice:


  1. #17 Nick Foles WAS NOT wearing a knee brace and he looked great. That kid has great touch. It was very evident that he and Hoyer were the studs. In fairness he is a freshman and that could change the next practice.  My point is that a lot of people were concerned how his knee would be and it looked fine. I watched him cut and move on it at full speed never even a hint of any pain. I watched him lay a 35-yard pass right in a perfect place. That however was not an anomaly. He didn’t miss a throw. He has a ways to go to learn it all but that is fine Hoyer was in total command.  *****POINT OF CLARIFICATION: WE REALIZE THAT FOLES HAD AN INURY THAT WAS IN HIS SHOULDER. THERE HAS BEEN A LOT OF RUMOR AND SPECULATION ABOUT A KNEE INJURY ON TOP OF THAT, THAT IS WHY WE WANTED PEOPLE TO KNOW THAT HE WAS FINE THERE AND THAT THERE WAS NO INURY*****
  2. #7 Brian Hoyer was clearly the team leader. He ran the drills and took time to coach all the other five QB’s. I am really excited to see him lead this offense. He is smart and more importantly he has the team. I bet right now that he will one day coach. He knows the game of football and is a great balance of intensity and character. He not only hit every throw, but he also was never out of position and on two occasions took time to help out Foles. That is a great kid.
  3. It was nice to finally see #41Kaleb Thornhill on the field. He appeared to have no pain and I watched him intently. If he can stay healthy that will go a long ways for the Spartans. He ran really well and in one-on-one drills he was able to cut with no issues.
  4. #6 T.J. Williams was not with the team today. He is not dismissed from the team but he will have to earn a spot to be a Spartan.
  5. #18 Terry Love was also not with the team. Terry is expected back, he has to get some academic issues addressed but they expect him back.
  6. #98 Michael Jordan was not dressed for practice. He is waiting for MSU to get his final summer school transcript so he can begin practicing. He was in street clothes however and MSU should get those transcripts in the next 48 hours.
  7. #3 Mark Dell has a lot to do to learn his routes but there is no hiding his athleticism. I was watching today and thinking about seeing him and Fred Smith on the field. WOW.
  8. #5 Devin Thomas had great footwork today and that as you know from the WR spot make for sharp routes. He had a great catch for a long gain that was not because of anything other than he was precise in his routes and his feet.
  9. Coach Ted Gill stopped practice today to point out to the defensive lineman FR DE #87 Kevin Pickleman’s technique. You could tell the youngster was a little embarrassed by the attention on his first day but that kid was well coached. He actually on more than one occasion I noticed had better technique than several of JLS’s vets. After seeing him today I am going to watch him a lot closer than I would have. Coach Gill was impressed with him.
  10.  #70 Oren Wilson, also an Fr DL player seemed to have some technique issues but that young man is a beast. When drills were slow and methodical working on technique he struggled but when he was allowed to pin his ears back he did.
  11. #30 Jehuu Caulcrick showed me today that he has worked really hard on his conditioning but also on his hands. On two occasions caught badly thrown balls. Jehuu I predict is going to have a special season, and if he continues to show that he can catch the staff will have to fine more ways to get him on the field.
  12. Another youngster, Chris D. Rucker #16, the WR certainly can flat fly. I literally watched him run an out route so fast, that the person throwing the ball (not a player) couldn’t hit him. When he was allowed to open it up, he had noticeable speed. I will watch, but if that is a pattern and he doesn’t have dropped ball or discipline issues he will play…he will have to.
  13. #27 SirDarean Adams was on the field today. He looked in good spirits. He is going to have to show Coach Dantonio that being a Spartan on and off the field is critical to him. If he does, he will be fine. He appears to be farther along the tight rope than T.J. Williams but I am rooting for him. I like him and he is a good kid.
  14. Let me just say that my man love thermometer for Coach Ted Gill is off the charts. I love that guy and would play for him any day. He had those kids all nervous and ready to go on day one and he is a commanding presence. We have not seen a support staff like this around MSU football since George Perles first year.

Please remember people that all of this is from the first practice and there was no hitting. There is a long ways, but that is a breakdown of today’s practice.

In just a little while you can click on the Hondo’s House ICON on the right to see all the video of Coach Dantonio, Coach Narduzzi and Coach Treadwell from after practice.

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