Outstanding Ohio TE Dan Schneider Works Hard to Make the Right College Decision

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Outstanding Student Athlete Dan Schneider Works Hard to Make the Right College Decision

Dan Schneider was on the board in a serious way for Michigan State last fall. 2009 tight end Dion Sims had not committed yet and MSU was working strong to make an early impression on 2010 Buckeye State recruits like Schneider. The tight end prospect from Avon Lake, Ohio, came to MSU's campus and heard the love from MSU coaches. Are they still keeping in touch with him?

"No, not really," Schneider said. "They asked me to come to camp, but I don’t think I'm going to make it."

Recently, Florida State stepped up to the plate with an offer, so the amount of attention Schneider keeps receiving appears to be growing. He visited balmy Florida last week and enjoyed his time in the sun. "It was awesome, I really liked the coaches there," he said.

So what went wrong with MSU? Not really anything, Schneider explains, but when a young man has dozens of schools knocking on his door — 17 offers at present, and counting — tough decisions have to be made. And such big decisions are not made lightly.

"Yeah, it's crazy," Schneider said when asked about the process of distilling which school is right for him. With his father, Schneider builds a spreadsheet that helps him see the big picture. Each school gets a row, and, under several columns, Schneider details categories that help him do his due diligence with his research.

"I have a number of different categories, like, Do I have an offer or not? Have I been on campus yet or not? How do I think the coaching staff is? My ability to play, academics, distance from home, and then some other notes," Schneider said. "It will help a lot," when it's time to make a decision, he adds.

Staying close to home is probably the least important consideration, while the most important is undoubtedly academics. Schneider has a 4.48 GPA, so one lucky school is going to pull in a potential Academic All American. With his stratospheric grade point average, one wonders if he's on a 4-point scale, or does his school operate on the less used 5-point scale? "It's with some 4-point classes and some honors classes," he said.

"I'd like to get a business undergrad degree," the ambitious young man said of his future plans, "and then I'd like to go to law school after."

On the field, tight end is Schneider's natural position, but a few programs see him as an outside linebacker. Presently, Schneider, 6-foot-4, 230 pounds, plays both positions, on defense as a hybrid backer/end in a 5-2 scheme.

Another important part of the recruiting process is cheering his talented teammates on in their own recruiting adventures. Schneider has recently had the opportunity to celebrate after teammate and fellow MSU recruit, offensive lineman Christian Pace, committed to the Michigan Wolverines.

"We work out together and push each other," Schneider said of his good friend. "I'm ecstatic for him. He works very hard and he deserves it."