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Over 300 of you responded with your thoughts on the spring Green/White game. We randomly selected eight of them and here they are. Your emails and thoughts on the Spring game:


Great game Saturday. The weather was outstanding. The crowd wqas pretty good. And I got my free MSU football poster.

Connor Dixon looked all world, but as I read the paper today it's reported he had a better front line and, of course, Javon Ringer. It gets real easy to look good when you have an O line and an elite running back.

Hoyer didn't look as poised. He didn't seem to handle adversity well. It's only one game, but yesterday I had my doubts about him.

Overall, I liked the play calling. Nothing flashy. Simple pass blocking and run blocking, trying to protect the QB and open holes for the RB.




Nice article on Dantonio! I especially appreciate your comments on the

Downtown Coaches Club, I started going to the luncheons in John L's


year, and my participation really dropped off every year since. I

found him

completely uninterested in being there, sarcastic comments made, but no


answers given to questions asked. Since I also attend the Rebounder's

luncheons, this was a vast contrast, as Coach Izzo is so engaged and


gives of his time, compared to John L. who treated the luncheons as

more of

a "bother"?? In my few brief interactions with Coach Dantonio, he has


to be following the "Izzo" mold, by being actively involved in


events, and embracing the alumni, donors, general fan base, etc...

Whether he wins 1 game or 12 this next year, I have to believe that we


on the right track!!!

Go Green!!!


Mason, MI.



I was not able to be at the game but listened while I worked. Connor Dixon sounded like a starter but not being able to see the situation it hard to tell. Ringer should really be something this year. Lets hope he stays healthy. Any rumors on new hoops coach.

Go Green-Glenn


Hey Hondo

As I watched the game, I had to constantly remind myself that it was still spring.I also looked at the individuals instead of say the green o-line or white secondary. The running back core is our strong suit. All three backs played well. Ringer didn't play much but look great when in. Grade- A- WR's are behind schedule. They are STILL dropping alot of balls.. Yes, hoyer threw a few bad passes, but some of which should be caught. Dell may get instant playing time. I don't think T.J. played alot though. Grade- C- TE's droped a few but look like they will be a bigger part. Blocking was decent. Grade- C+ Hoyer looked frustrated, he was a little off today, but his wideouts on the white team did him no favors. Dixon looked good as the backup. By fall, I think the QB position will be fine. Grade- B- O-line is up and down. Some break downs (white team) and some penalties.. but hey its early. Grade C+ I was impressed with the D-Line. Alot of the projected starters made plays. Ogemdi look wonderful. Grade- B+ LB's were alright. I think the tackling as an entire defense is much better this year. Kaleb didn't play. Adams looks like he has adjusted well to LB. Grade- B DB's starters look good. 2nd stringers not so much. Otis will be 1st team BT and Weaver will be a good sophy starter. Grade- B Special Teams.. Love looks like he is the PR/KR.. Should be Decent. Swenson missed another FG and punting is hard to judge because Bates isn't in camp yet. No grade because it was watered down. Defense looks improved but we must get a better offensive passing game if we are going to compete. They will just load the box and stop ringer/caulcrick. A spring game is a tough way to judge because the starters were broken up. Still some dumb penalties to keep drives alive/drives to stall. Players who stood out: Offense- RINGER, Mcpherson, Hoyer??, Masters, Martin.. Defense- Otis wiley, Weaver, Adams, Warrick??, Gordon, Ogemdi, and Baldwin. I'll stick with my 8-4 prediction but they need to use the spring game as motivation to improve.

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I thought we had an awesome turnout for the game on Saturday. There was no better place to be than with 25,000 excited Spartan Nation fans watching their warriors battle it out at the annual Spring Game. On Offense Dixon looked comfortable running and executing plays. His ball fakes were great in which he showcased his athleticism by scrambling between the defense. He had good touch on his passes, and it was good to see him getting the T.E's involved. I wouldn't go as far to say Dixon out performed Hoyer on Saturday. His teammates executed better and didn't drop as many balls. Hoyer IS the starter, but it's great to see we have a good backup just in case. Ringer, Caulcrick, and Jimmerson are going to be special this Fall. We have Power and Speed with all three RB's. Javon found himself into the secondary many times Saturday. It was also great to see McFearson lay some punishment at FB.

The Defense looked good for both teams. O.G. and Baldwin were unstoppable at times. They're fast getting to the QB. Misch has a great motor, his initial burst of speed is what caught my attention. Wiley and Nemo had some great hits which brought some applause from the crowd. It was one of the best Spring Games I have seen in a while. Alot of attention to detail by the coaches and the players were very focused. I forgot to mention that we saw Nick Foles at the Garage Sale Tent before the game. His 6-5 frame and shaggy hair makes him stand out in a crowd. He had his hands full of MSU gear. All in all, it was a great day for football. Go Green! Go White!

Mark Heidema

Holland, MI



Regarding your call for comments on the spring game. Very unimpressive. Too many penalites, something which I hope coach continues to address. Ringer was and may be the best offensive weapon we have. If the defense improves I see us going back to the days when we lost games 11-3. Coach really has his work cut out for him for the foreseeable future and I defintely agree with you that he deserves five years, although my guess is it'll take 2-3 and we'll begin to see a great deal of progress.

So, while you sing his praises, you also need to temper that for folks with reality and reality says to me we are not going to be very good this year. I'm ok with that, so long as they Sparty Ball....disciplined, passionate, smash-mouth, never say die football.



Hi Hondo:

Had to listen to the game on the internet w/Blaha. But

could only listen to 3 quarters, as they terminated the game

then. I guess George had to leave for the Pistons playoff

game. Realizing that the teams were mix/match..I guess

the important thing was that the coaches got the

opportunity to see the players(for the first time) in actual

playing situations....Before a live game conditions with a

crowd. How would rate the game? Seem that Dixon and

Ringer were the best players on the field. How did the

db's look? Maybe they weren't challenged very much

by Hoyer or the wr's. Would you guess the crowd was

25,000..decent based on our past history..just goes to

show you how hopeful the fans are for a improved team

that can qualify for a bowl this coming year.

If we can ever put a every-year winning

like this will compare to the osu scrimmage this Sat,

that was tv'd and drew an extremely large crowd.


Dave..Delaware, Ohio


I have to tell you Hondo, I went to the game without any preconceived ideas of what I was going to see. I came away pretty impressed with the defense( I haven't been able to say that for a while). Even though it was "just the spring game", I saw intensity and people flying around trying to make plays. I understand we have a long way to go, but if they have this level of understanding this early, that only fuels the fire.

As far as the offense goes, the score showed me how much the running game means to the coaches(although I was a little surprised how many spread type sets were run). I was disappointed however with the number of dropped passes. I'm sure the coaching staff will have them working on this though.

I am ready for the season to begin. Go Spartans.