Scottie Hazelton Talks Impact of Ron Burton, Harlon Barnett, Mike Tressel

Hondo S. Carpenter

East Lansing, MI-- Michigan State football found some much-needed direction with new head coach Mel Tucker. The good news kept rolling when he hired one of the top tier young defensive coordinators in America.

Earlier this week, the Spartans new defensive general talked about what having three great coaches who already have been on staff bring to the table in these trying times. “No doubt. I mean, everything from personalities. I mean, there’s only so much you can get off a kid from…I’ve been trying to call guys individually and maybe a FaceTime with them, and you have some meetings with them. But just to understand the people, I think that that’s where it always starts, and generally, if you come in a new situation, you try to get some of the guys together and just get to know who they are and let them know who you are, you know, because I think that that starts the lessons and learning. To be able to add, you know, Coach Mike (Tressel), and Ron (Burton) and Harlon (Barnett), just, hey, who are the guys on the team that you got to get to know fast. Hey, I got this read off this kid, and is he just quiet, or does he not like me or have trust. You know, having some of those things are great and then, and then also the ability to say, Hey in the scheme, how does this guy fit, what’s his good qualities, what’s the qualities he can do, what does he need to work on. And I think that that helps build your package.

While the COVID-19 safety precautions may have hurt the Spartans, having Barnett, Burton and Tressel have helped ease the pain. Three solid me, three reliable coaches, and ready to help Hazelton continue his national rise.

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