Experience at Every Level Makes Scottie Hazelton Ready

Hondo S. Carpenter

East Lansing, MI—Scottie Hazelton’s meteoric rise as one of the nation’s most respected defensive minds, was aided by his proven track record of success at every level.

Hazelton leaped to national stardom while at Kansas State, where he single-handedly led hi his defense through a metamorphic change in just one week that led to an upset win over Oklahoma, around football he already had respect.

In his usual humble tone, Hazelton talked about having been at every level and how it led him to his newfound stardom. “I think that it’s a deal with life. I think that God puts you in a place that He wants you in, and it makes you who you are. So, sometimes just to be able to learn and listen from people and understand and being thankful for things that you have. Some people might say, well, you got a lot of guys with a lot of opinions on staff, and you’d say, well, I’ve been in places where it’s you’re all by yourself too, or there’s you and one other guy. You try to look for the positives and all those things, and that’s kind of made me personally who I am. I mean, I’ve been in Division III and the NFL, and the cool thing is, it’s all ball. You learn different tricks through different guys, and you play teams that were better than you, and you play teams that weren’t as good as you with the skill of the athletes you had on the field. I think that that’s the learning level that made me and my style mine.”

The Spartans kick off the season on September 5, 2020. They will be hosting in the Northwestern Wildcats with a rare, season-opening Big Ten game.

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