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Spartan Nation Caught Up With Super 2012 DE Recruit Tom Stroble


Tom Stroble is one of the best DE recruits for 2012 in the nation.  Photo courtesy of Stroble.

Tom Stroble is one of the best DE recruits for 2012 in the nation. Photo courtesy of Stroble.


Tom Stroble is one of the best in the Midwest. The 6’6”, 240-pound defensive end / defensive tackle is on everyone’s short list. Tom already boasts offers from nearly every Big Ten school. He is already considered by most analysts, a can’t miss prospect. Tom also holds a 3.9 GPA excelling in the classroom as well as on the football field.


Tom Stroble is humble. He is unassuming. He has the laugh of a playful teenager and the voice of a young man that feels lucky to have the options he has been given. “It is really a blessing that all of these schools have been giving me the attention I have been receiving through this whole process.”


He loves football. Sometimes the biggest hurdle for a young man is developing the passion for the game. Mentor, Ohio’s next football star loves the game. “Well, I wouldn’t say I am anything special; I just have that passion for the game. No matter where I play, defensive end or defensive tackle, I just want to get out there.”

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Tom talked about the special relationship he has with his parents. He talked about his friendship with mom and dad and truly holds them in high regard. “I have always looked up to my mom and my dad. They are my ultimate role models. I’ve grown up playing football. My dad was a very good football player. He told me that if you love this game, stick to it and do whatever you can.” The Stroble’s made academics a priority in their household. Tom had this to say about his success at school. “Well, to be completely honest, I think the grades came from my mom; my dad is also a very smart man. They have always pushed me to do the best that I can in the classroom.”


There are lots of kids that look the part of a Big Ten prospect, but few understand the work that goes into reaching the next level.  It is hard to pinpoint toughness and work ethic when recruiting high school kids, but Tom Stroble embodies both. “I’m 100%... always working. I believe that a good work ethic can take you above and beyond.”


Tom Stroble is extremely versatile and could line up in four or five positions on the football field. Consistent with Mark Dantonio’s philosophy, Stroble fits the mold of a young man that presents a lot of options on the practice field. Tom is only a high school junior so at 6’6” and 240-pounds, he is probably not done growing. A year from now, he could be considerably bigger.


We will be checking in with Tom periodically throughout the recruiting process and hope to catch up with him after the summer camp season.