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Spartan Quarterbacks Brian Hoyer and Drew Stanton Have Their Day in the NFL on Friday!

Michigan State Quarterbacks had their way in the NFL on Friday. It can never hurt the current Michigan State program when their veterans are the talk of the National Football League and that is exactly what happened on Friday.

Brian Hoyer was resigned by the New England Patriots. This is Hoyer’s second contract backing up Hall of Famer Tom Brady. There was immense speculation that the Patriots were interested in Tim Tebow, but that interest was for their third string position currently occupied by former Michigan Wolverine Ryan Mallet.

The Patriots have loved Hoyer since he was coming out of college and even went an entire season with him being the only QB not named Tom Brady on the roster. It was a great decision by Hoyer to continue to stay with the Patriots. Even as a restricted free agent the strong-armed and highly intelligent QB had other suitors.

To have the faith and trust of one of the greatest coaches all time in Bill Belichick, and adding successful seasons one after another can’t hurt your resume.

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Second was Drew Stanton. Known as a super locker room and community guy the Jets sought him out like a heat-seeking missile in order to help clean up their image and help in the locker room. When they saw the chance to get Tim Tebow and do what they wanted to do with Stanton, but on a national scale they pounced on it.

Stanton had been assured he would be the second string QB behind Mark Sanchez, but when that was given to Tebow he made it clear he wanted out. He was accommodated and sent to Indianapolis. Again there was a long line of suitors for Stanton, but he found a home in the Midwest in Indianapolis.

Stanton will once again have the role as elder statesmen to a franchise QB. He is a close friend of Matthew Stafford when the Lions selected him, and now with Andrew Luck, the QB the Colts will select number one overall in the 2012 draft.