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Spartan Star S Isaiah Lewis Talks About His Bye Week Spartan Team

Spartan Star S Isaiah Lewis Talks About His Bye Week Spartan Team

Q:Â Difficulty not being 100% healthy?

A: Definitely, you know. If you’re a baller, if you’re a player, you always wanna be on the field, man. Yeah. You wanna always be on the field and you always wanna be able to help your team out. It’s just hard to sit on the sideline and just watch when you’re used to being on the field. I kinda had to take a step back a little bit you know, let my injury heal for a little bit. But I’m back now.

Q: How did you get hurt originally?

A: It was just making a turn. Just made a wrong turn.

Q: South Florida?

A: No, it wasn’t in the game. It was just in practice.

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Q: A lot of flags were flying. How tough was that to take? How easy is it maybe to move on from that?

A: It’s real tough just watching that. Especially, like I said, being on the sidelines. You wanna be out there helping your boys, being out on the field with them. You felt like you could make a difference. But you know at the same time, they were gonna make those calls either way. I thought the corners were out there playing good and having good coverage. But yeah, it was tough just sitting over there and just watching all that happen. But like I said, I’m back now and I can do what I can do now.

Q: What do you say to each other during the game when those things are happening, to keep from letting those things get to you?

A: We just tell each other to just stay positive basically. Come out, keep playing. Just tell your guy, You know you got good coverage. He’s throwing flags but just keep playing. Maybe next time he won’t throw a flag on it, maybe. He can’t play any different…he can’t let the guy catch the ball and this and that. But basically just tell him to keep your mind right, just keep playing ball and keep doing what you’re already doing.

Q: So you won’t do anything differently because it looks like they’re calling it a different way?

A: No, you can’t. At the end of the day you can only do what you’re taught. If you had good coverage, you had good coverage. Things are gonna happen. But that’s up to the ref what they wanna call so you can’t really determine how you’re gonna play. You just do what you know how to do.

Q: Where is this team right now and how do you feel your season has gone so far?

A: We’ve played pretty good so far. I feel like we did. We competed with Notre Dame. Again, we feel like we could have won. No matter what the penalties were and this and that, you can’t look at it and blame the loss on the penalties. You can’t blame it on that. You just always gotta look at it from another perspective as we had a missed field goal, they could have done this and that, always could have had more turnovers. It’s always those kinda things you always talk about. That’s basically it.