Spartans Look to New Jersey for Defensive Backfield Help for 2010 Class!

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The Spartan football program had one of the worst defensive backfields in the entire country in 2009. I will write about “what went wrong” in great detail in the January Spartan Nation Magazine. 

Johnson's speed and talent would be welcome in the Spartan Nation.  Photo courtesy of

Johnson's speed and talent would be welcome in the Spartan Nation. Photo courtesy of

For now it is suffice to say that the Spartans aren’t content to sit back and not address the issue.

 The Spartans have hit the road searching border-to-border and coast-to-coast to find the talent they need to fix it. We have written extensively about Glennville, Ohio, CB Christian Bryant, and today we look to New Jersey at another prospect.


Tejay Johnson from Egg Harbor Township High School in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, is high on the wish list of the Spartans. He is big at 6’2” and 192#, but more importantly, he has great hands and speed. 


Regularly timed at 4.4, he has seen his speeds even go high 4.3 according to sources at his school. Johnson has played as many as five positions (RB, WR, S, CB, PR/KR), so maybe he hasn’t gotten the national recognition as others (like Bryant) that work primarily at one spot. He has been timed at a blazing 10.38 in the 100 meters.


Johnson not only brings incredible speed, but he has the technique to know what to do with it. He is very coachable and a young man that would almost certainly see the field sooner rather than later in his career with the Spartans’ glaring need. He will need some coaching, but that will come as he won’t be asked to play multiple positions.


Johnson also brings a high character factor to the table. This exceptional young man is widely liked and respected in his school. Teachers and students alike admire his character. One Egg Harbor school employee stated, “You all only know him for football, but around here he is loved as a great kid.”


Tejay got his unique name from his mother’s initials. Her name is Trudi Johnson. He grew up in North Philly and moved to Egg Harbor when he was 14. The move was for the better for Johnson, though Philly can be a rough place for a youngster to grow up. Johnson talked about that with the Press of Atlantic City when he told them, “We used to play tackle football (in Philadelphia) on the cement. Every time I got a breakaway somebody would hawk me down and catch me. I made it my goal to be faster.”


Adding Johnson and Bryant certainly would be a great addition to the Spartans 2010 class. The Spartans have offered both and they would take both. Johnson expects to make his choice known either in late December or early January. Currently, the Spartans have 15 commitments and Mylan Hicks from Detroit is the only other true CB. Stay tuned to Spartan Nation for the latest as the 2010 class comes to an exciting conclusion and the 2011 class heats up.


Recruiting writer Drew Augustana is writing an article for later this week taking an early look at the 2011 class. Make sure you check back for that.