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The Silence Says it All



I am just sick of hearing about how much better the SEC is than the Big Ten. Nobody can dispute that there is superior football talent in the southeast region. The SEC is not head and shoulders above the Big Ten like everyone in the media will have you believe. 


Unlike most of the sports journalists on the bowl beat, I think both MSU and Michigan have a legitimate chance this weekend. I think that everyone forgot just how banged up MSU was down the stretch in conference play. MSU has some horses in the stable. We can and will compete in this game.


Things have been relatively quiet around Ann Arbor. Yes, our archrivals are playing in a New Year’s Day Bowl against an SEC opponent too. I can honestly say I am pulling for the Wolverines. Those of you that know me know that I never do. I just want to see some of the Big Ten critics press their lips together as they eat a bountiful serving of crow and watch Brandon the UM AD squirm when he fires his coach after a big win.


Since I brought up the Wolverines… does anyone think they have already secretly hired their coach? I have no inside information regarding this subject, but something tells me that the Woodchuck administration has already dealt with the situation and will be announcing a new coach shortly before midnight on January 3rd after the Stanford / VT game.


I don’t think Michigan is willing to let this go on any longer and I think that Jim Harbaugh’s silence is an indication of what is really going on. Again, this is complete speculation. I have no insider information; I am merely going with my gut on this one. 

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Spartan Nation has reported since the end of last season M Rod is done, now it is a matter of when.


You have to know that the folks in Ann Arbor have talked to Jim Harbaugh. We would all be fools to think otherwise. You have to believe that Harbaugh wants to coach the Cardinal through their bowl game before leaving. You also have to believe that as hot a coaching commodity as Jim Harbaugh is, he could make the Wolverines wait if that was part of his criteria for accepting the job.


Three wins in a row against U-M is really something to celebrate if you’re a Spartan. The Wolverine fan base is bitter about the three losses and equally or more bitter about the beatings they have received from the Buckeyes during the Jim Tressel era. I don’t think anyone within the university administration or within the Wolverine fan base believes that Rich Rodriguez can or will consistently beat MSU and OSU.

That is all that you really need to know.


Do you really think that U-M can afford to start seeing empty seats in the nation’s largest stadium? All that money they just put into luxury boxes and suites? This is going to be home cookin’, you just watch. Michigan football is too proud to lose kids like Anthony Zettel and Lawrence Thomas. They aren’t going to wait around for MSU to make it five in a row. They expect ten wins every year.


Jim Harbaugh at U-M would be tough sledding. MSU, OSU and U-M would be competing for the same kids every year. Right now we have the luxury of owning the in-state recruiting battle and this has really helped MSU reestablish the football program.  We would be in an all out recruiting war for these kids if Harbaugh takes over. 


A number of people have said that it is too late for U-M to make this change. The recruiting season is lost. For most football programs, this would be the case. If Michigan announces Harbaugh next week, Michigan keeps a large number of kids they have already recruited and Harbaugh’s staff brings about 8-10 California kids that would just love to play for the winningest program in college football history. Michigan will right this ship before the irrelevancy factor rears its ugly head like it has in South Bend. If my speculation is correct, the fireworks next week could be quite a display.