Three Reasons of Concern with Spartan Football in 2010

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The Spartans are ready for a great 2010 season and using it to propel them to a major 2011 season.

The Spartans are ready for a great 2010 season and using it to propel them to a major 2011 season.

I listed the reasons to be fired up with Spartan Football last week. You can read that article when YOU CLICK HERE. Today we take a look at areas of concern.


1) FIELD GOALS: I expect the kickoffs to be better in 2010, but I am concerned about the field goals. Brett Swenson was a star and his loss will hurt in an area that Mark Dantonio uses and uses often in his scheme. We have written so much about the kicking because it is so critical. If there are times the Spartans decide to go for it on fourth down rather than take the three that won’t be a good sign. The Spartans desperately need a kicker to create separation in camp so that when the season begins they can get him all kicks in live game situations and not have to split the reps.


2) DEFENSIVE BACK DEPTH: I think that the Spartans first-string defensive backs will be fine. I am worried when it comes to the depth that it takes to win a title and be competitive at a high level. MSU has always had a smattering of good players. Mark Dantonio is now building the critical depth and with that comes youth. I am not concerned about the talent of the backups; I am concerned about their ability to play with such little experience. In a long season, there will be injuries and can the youth play at a high level in 2010?


3) RIGHT TACKLE: Unlike DB or other spots where the backups are young, at the RT spot the first time starter in J’Michael Deane and his backup Jared McGaha are not young. Deane is a fifth year senior and McGaha is a junior. To have backups that present youth concerns is one thing. To have older players that have not stepped up and won jobs that is another. Deane has every physical attribute needed to be great. By his own admission, his biggest weakness is being consistent. Can he play at a high level all the time? If he doesn’t, can McGaha step in and play at the level every snap?


Those, my friends, are my three biggest concerns. I think this season is going to be the springboard for what will be one of the most magical seasons in 2011.