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With 18 Commitments for the 2010 Class, Mark Dantonio Looks for Strong Finish So He Can Have a Big Start

It is the part of the job that makes only a few not go insane. Of course I am talking about college football recruiting. The Spartans and Mark Dantonio have as few as four and as many as six spots left for the 2010 class.


The Spartans are always looking to upgrade their talent.  Photo by Starr Portice.

The Spartans are always looking to upgrade their talent. Photo by Starr Portice.

With that on the immediate horizon they can see that the 2011 class could be one of the deepest in years. With that in mind the sooner they can put the finishing touches on 2010, they can go full steam for 2011.


The Spartans are closing in on what is their second straight stellar recruiting class and with so much talent on the board spots are limited. This is what makes these times tough. 


There are many schools that skirt around limits on coaching staff to get early jumps on recruiting. MSU does not. There are a lot of areas that need either an upgrade in talent or at best more depth and with such few slots left, there will be talented young men in 2010 that get told, “NO thank you,” by the Spartans simply because of space.


Doomsday fans who can never see the glass half full and pundits continue to point at the Rather Hall incident, but the reality is that it hasn’t hurt the Spartans. Parents and recruits continue to comment on how Dantonio has handled the situation and the reality is that top-flight young people want to come here.


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Are the Spartans landing a myriad of nationally known players? No, but who else is other than a select few schools?


If you look at MSU they are in the mix on some great young men and they aren’t battling with Akron for them. Times have changed. So have expectations.


That is the good news for Dantonio and it also has to be the tough news. 2011 has the potential to be an all time great class. Finishing 2010 soon would certainly help them get a quick jump on it.


Dantonio spent three seasons at Cincinnati before he left for MSU. It was year four that his Cincinnati team took off. He has a proven track record of developing talent. 


This season is his fourth at MSU and with the Spartans mixing a successful campaign on the field, combined with the talent available that 2011 class could finally catapult MSU to the talent level of a roster that makes champions.


For now, the Spartans push to fill the 2010 class so they can focus on 2011. The Spartan Nation may have their eyes focused on 2010, but to build a champion Dantonio doesn’t have that luxury. It is already 2011; the sooner 2010 is done the better.